Huami and Alivecor are collaborating on the development of the next generation of medical-grade wearables

Huami and Alivecor have made the announcement that they would be collaborating on the development of the next generation of wearable medical devices. The agreement will cover both the technology and services offered by AliveCor.

The announcement comes just a few brief months after AliveCor made the announcement that it would discontinue production of its Apple Watch ECG accessory known as KardiaBand. Because the Series 3 and 4 watches come equipped with an ECG function out of the box, the private medical health business based in California decided to stop producing its flagship product.

Alivecor is shifting its focus away from its original product line, which consisted of a single-lead electrocardiogram (ECG), and toward wearables that use more accurate 6-lead systems. It is likely that some of this technology will be included in Huami’s products once they reach the next generation.

According to AliveCor’s Chief Executive Officer Priya Abani, “AliveCor’s agreement with Huami achieves our corporate goal of delivering AliveCor’s AI-driven membership services and remedies to enterprise customers and clients worldwide at affordable price points.” Huami is a Chinese e-commerce platform that specialises in selling goods and services online.

“Using AliveCor technology, partners are able to simply deliver clinically verified and peer-reviewed medical services to their own clients at scale,” says AliveCor.

Huami is a household name in the field of wearable technology in China. In addition to being the maker of the incredibly well-liked Xiaomi Mi-Band, the company also produces its own line of activity trackers and smartwatches under the brand name Amazfit. In just 2018, the company distributed around 27.5 million wearable gadgets all over the world. Through its partnership with Huami, Alivecor should be able to reach a greater number of customers and penetrate the substantial Asian market with its wares and subscription offerings.

According to Wang Huang, CEO of Huami, “AliveCor’s Intelligent, medical-grade, heart care platform will be a crucial component of Huami smartwatches and pulse trackers going forward.”

“The formation of these and wholly new pharmaceutical-grade services is dependent on the new collaboration that we have established.”

Huami is not new to the world of electrocardiogram technology. There is an electrocardiogram (ECG) version of the Amazfit Verge 2, which was announced over the summer. The general public has not yet gained access to this, but it will be made available to them over the next few months.

As part of the agreement reached today, Huami will receive a licence to use AliveCor’s technology, and the two companies will collaborate on the development of additional hardware and subscription services. It is anticipated that the partnership will produce its first wearables with ECG capabilities around the year 2020.

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