Huami and Tesla are Going to Announce a New Device, but Elon Musk has Shot Down Reports that it will be a Smartwatch

Huami and Tesla are Going to Announce a New Device, but Elon Musk has Shot Down Reports that it will be a Smartwatch

Huami has been dropping indications over the past few days that it has partnered with Tesla on the creation of a new product. The hints have suggested that the new product will be an electric vehicle. Today, it is expected that the results of their collaborative effort will be made available to the general public. There has been no information shared in the public domain as of yet.

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The information regarding the teaser was made public by Huang Wang, the founder, and CEO of Huami Technology. He did this by posting it on his Weibo account. You can view the teaser on the internet. In addition to that, he is an avid follower of automobiles and their culture. Wang claimed that customers would be able to purchase the device on September 15, but he did not disclose any other information about the product.

On the other hand, immediately following the publication of this revelation, Elon Musk took to Twitter to dispel rumors that his business was engaged in developing a smartwatch product. He went on to add that human-brain interfaces, not smartwatches, are the direction that technology will be heading in the future.

It would appear that neither of the parties is working on creating a smartwatch at the present time. Therefore, it is probable that the announcement is related to bringing compatibility for Tesla vehicles to the Amazfit GTR and GTS watches. This is something that has been rumored to happen recently.

Huami had previously accomplished something pretty similar the year before. They made the connection between their brand and Xiaopeng Motors and their battery-powered mid-sized Sedan in the month of June 2019. Through the use of NFC on their Amazfit watches, owners of Xiaopeng P7 electric cars can now lock and unlock the doors and start the engine from a distance. It’s feasible that the combination of a Tesla and an Amazfit will achieve the same result.

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The image included on the teaser poster depicts a square clock that is similar to the Amazfit GTS. You can see this clock in the image. This product has an incredibly extended battery life and features a design that is very reminiscent of the Apple Watch. We know that the watch, in addition to its sister with a square design known as the GTR, will be upgraded. On September 22, it is planned that their replacements will commence.

It is not the first time that Tesla has been brought up in conversation concerning the production of a smartwatch. A filing that was submitted to the FCC at the beginning of August revealed the existence of cooperation, which is very unusual. In this particular competition, Tesla Motors and XpLora Technologies, a Norwegian firm that specializes in the production of smartwatches for children, are going head to head.

This post will, of course, be updated if and when we obtain any new information after it has been posted. Because there is still some time left for today, there is a chance that an announcement will be made on the 15th of this month.

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