Huami Has Announced That It Would Make All Of The Newest Amazfit Smartwatches Available Abroad

Huami Has Announced That It Would Make All Of The Newest Amazfit Smartwatches Available Abroad

Recent filings with the Bluetooth SIG provide evidence that Huami intends to bring its latest generation of Amazfit smartwatches to markets outside of China. The vast majority of them can only be purchased in their native China at the moment.

To refresh your memory, the corporation has released a plethora of new products in the most recent few months. The Amazfit Bip Lite, the Amazfit Verge Lite, the Amazfit Health Watch, and the Amazfit Smart Watch 2 are all included in this category.

Over the past few days, each of them has been successful in obtaining certification on Launch Studio. Amazfit Bip Lite was given the designation A1915, Amazfit Verge Lite was given the designations A1818 and A1808, and Amazfit Health Watch was given the designation A1916.

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There are other models of the Amazfit Smartwatch 2 with and without an electrocardiogram (ECG), in addition to a product named the Amazfit Nexo (AC1817). When it finally made it out of China, everyone assumed that the Amazfit Smartwatch 2 would be rebranded as the Amazfit Verge 2, despite the fact that this was not officially announced. According to other sources, the watch will be known as the Amazfit Nexo. It would appear that the latter group was correct; nevertheless, the reason why both the Smartwatch 2 and Next names are included in the Bluetooth registry is not clear. In China, multiple naming conventions are used for different things, which does not improve the matter.

Huami will introduce brand new Amazfit smartwatches to global markets.

Snapshot from the screen; image courtesy of the Bluetooth Launch Studio

Over the past few months, we have provided a comprehensive review of the latest Amazfit watches. The Lite versions are analogs to the current generation of devices that have reduced specifications and more affordable prices.

The larger Bip model has a built-in GPS, geomagnetic, and air pressure sensor; however, the smaller Bip Lite model does not. However, its water resistance is significantly improved (3 ATM vs. IP68). The other aspects, like its extraordinary battery life that lasts 45 days, are pretty much the same.

The Verge and the Verge Lite both include a built-in GPS receiver, but the Verge Lite does not include a gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, or air pressure sensor. In addition to a microphone and speaker, the more expensive model incorporates 4 gigabytes (GB) of flash memory and offers the capability to make and receive phone calls. As a result of the additional features, the battery life of the full edition is just 5 days, while the battery life of the Lite version is a whopping 20 days before it needs to be recharged.

The Amazfit Health Watch is not intended for use in athletics, as its name suggests; rather, it is developed with health monitoring as its primary focus. Low heart rate, arrhythmia, and atrial fibrillation are all conditions its heart rate sensor can detect at any time of day or night—the ECG sensor records and displays the electrical activity of the heart muscle. The Apple Watch inspired this feature, which uses a 6-axis accelerometer to identify when someone has fallen.

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Last but not least, the Amazfit Smart Watch 2 (or Nexo or Verge 2, depending on what it is called) comes equipped with eSIM support and health alerts, including the ability to monitor an ECG. Because of the eSIM capabilities, the watch will be able to function without the need for a smartphone. It is providing, of course, that you are in China. It is currently unknown whether or not the function will be deleted from the foreign version.

This past week, Huami expanded its offering by introducing the Amazfit GTR. The fashionable gadget is offered in a variety of forms, some of which have the option to select cases made of stainless steel, aluminum, or titanium. It is highly possible that this watch will be the subsequent one to obtain Bluetooth SIG certification. In the not-too-distant future, we also anticipate the arrival of the Amazfit Bip 2 fitness tracker.

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