Huawei P10, analysis: can you compete in the premium range of Samsung and Apple?

Selling at high price levels has never been easy, even Samsung with its enormous infrastructure and trajectory potential, does not achieve the expected results. Huawei, on the other hand, has not been until the last two years that it has begun to scale price positions, and this 2017, has reached its peak, for now.

Huawei P10, presented during the last MWC 2017 , is its new reference, the small of the two brothers, but predictably as it happened last year, the one that will sell the most of the two. Not for nothing, if not because the price is more palatable, but we will see this at the end. The most powerful bet this year for Huawei, waiting for what you do with your Mate range.

Design and screen of the Huawei P10, the expected jump?

We are going to start with what is most striking about the past course, the change in its design, in its visual language . The colors remain, although expanding now with a blue and a green in which Huawei has high hopes, I really do not. Matte black is still my favorite, and now that Apple and others like OnePlus join fashion, Huawei has been successful in that regard.

But what we undoubtedly appreciate the most are the rounded edges, both upper and lower. That together with a lateral curve that starts from the back and that practically reaches the screen, makes us have a really pleasant sensation in the hands.

I have always said it, if I like something about the iPhone 7 it is the quality of the materials and the feeling of having it in hand, this Huawei looks much more like the Apple product than previous courses , and honestly, it is better impossible. An impressive qualitative leap, a 10 here for Huawei. Even the solution proposed to “camouflage” the cameras seems to be really good.

But what may not convince everyone, seeing what has presented LG, Xiaomi or what is expected to present Samsung and Apple, is its design in terms of screen. Do not misunderstand me, the quality of the screen with 5.1 inches , IPS NEO panel with better blacks than ever to be an IPS panel, and with FHD resolution is still the best. It does not reach the level of Samsung for example, but both in colors, viewing angles and detail, few hits we can put.

But I want to complain, and although it is true that the price of this Huawei does not reach the level of LG and company, I expected something more risky in the design of the screen . Less upper margins, better lateral margins, some kind of innovation that could match the biggest. Huawei has been conservative, perhaps too much, and although in general it is a design product 10, this strategy can begin to take its toll on the screen.

Camera and fingerprint sensor, Huawei gets big

Those of you who have been following Huawei for a while will know that it was one of the first to incorporate a fingerprint sensor in the back, but either because of the feedback from users or because by design there was no other, they have decided to incorporate it now in the front, and at least, it occupies a space that would otherwise be unusable, and somewhat difficult to assume in this 2017.

Two things of the fingerprint sensor. 1, is the fastest I’ve used so far , without more, perfect Huawei in that regard. 2, not only serves as a fingerprint sensor, but in the settings menu we can configure to use it as a capacitive button, thus hiding the navigation bar and taking advantage of the screen. My experience? At first I liked being able to save that space on the screen, with side gestures for multiventana and different keystrokes to go back or go home, but after a few days of use, I think he still needs to polish the sensitivity, and I lose things like double tap on recent apps button to go to the last app. Good try Huawei, but keep improving it.

In photographic section he was the protagonist of his presentation, again betting on double camera. Here I do not want to expand too much, because you have a complete article that we have published a few days ago where you can see the results in detail with great detail, so just say that it is a really complete camera, it is necessary to polish at the software level so much in being more intuitive for the user as at the level that the “portrait” modes, work perfectly without blur problems where there should not be. But overall, a great work of Huawei .

Huawei P10 performance: software-hardware and battery binomial

And how is the experience using this mobile on a daily basis? Here two parts are combined; on the one hand its hardware, with the same processor as the Mate 9, created by Huawei itself, the Kirin 960, together with 4GB of RAM and 32 GB of expandable internal memory . On the other hand, Android 7.0 Nougat with its own EMUI layer in the latest version, you know, an iOS style although now allowing application box, more fluid, smarter to close apps and tasks that are not necessary and save battery, and with A very strong commitment to try to get the most autonomy from our device.

Moving through everyday applications such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, this mobile without problems, everything is fluid, switching between apps is quite fast and has that touch of fluidity that you like, however I still think that they are either the developers of apps or Huawei itself with this layer of customization, lacks that extra touch of softness, that everything moves like silk, so far they have not achieved at the best level. Playing powerful games there is no problem, but in the high range we want the best, the best experience, and I have noticed that it is not as fluid as other Samsung, Apple or Google devices for example, it is something that we may not all appreciate , but if we put one next to the other, we could get to notice it.

3,200 mah has been the amount of amperage that Huawei has decided to incorporate this year, and on paper, it should be an improvement over last year, where the P9 left me feeling very good. This P10 model I have to say that it has not given me that same great feeling, and after seeing that I received a few updates as soon as I received it from Huawei, I think it is possible that I did not have the final firmware version.

I have reached 4 hours of screen without problems , which depending on the use can be spend the day, but in my case with a mix of WhatsApp, telegram, twitter, pocket and about 20 minutes of gameplay, it has been complicated not have to load it As I say, it may be something that was a model prior to its official launch, but today this is my experience.

However, charging this device is a delight , after 20-30 minutes of plugging it we have practically 50% charged, and although to complete the charge it can take up to 1 hour and a half, there are few times when you will need Load it up to 100 on a daily basis with this speed.

Huawei P10, reviews

For 649 euros , can I and should I recommend this P10? Yes and no. Of the 5 most important points of a mobile, in the design it complies flatly with a good note, in camera despite giving a bad feeling with unpolished software, the results are more than remarkable, its performance is decent, but the battery and a screen that does not bet on further optimizing the product size, leave this P10 in one place a step below what we expect from the absolute high end of this year .

The good? That for this price we can save in a matter of a couple of months around 100-150 euros compared to the top terminals, and that indicates that we will have a product of immense quality, without having to resort to 800 euros. A noticeable leap in certain sections with last year, but next year Huawei must bet everything with a new more groundbreaking format and polish a camera that has tremendous potential.

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