Huawei unveils TalkBand B5 in China

Today, Huawei made the announcement that the TalkBand B5, a fitness tracker and headphone combo, is now available for purchase. The Talkband B3, which was released two years ago, is the predecessor of this newer, improved gadget. In case you were wondering, Huawei chose not to use the number four since some people believe that it brings bad luck.

As a result of a series of leaks, it was predicted that Huawei will make the announcement; nonetheless, it was made one week sooner than planned. As of today, the wearable device has been given its official status and is currently displayed on the website of the corporation in China.

The initial implementation of the idea was on Huawei’s TalkBand B1 in the year 2014. This wasn’t your average piece of wearing merchandise. Instead, it was a peculiar device consisting of a Bluetooth device that could be concealed discretely under a fitness band. The thought behind this is that you want anything which will make it simple for you to make phone calls even while you are moving about.

The Talkband B5 features a 1.13-inch AMOLED touchscreen that has a resolution of 300 x 160 pixels and features 2.5D curved glass. The display can be removed from the band by using the quick-release button in a very straightforward manner. This is the component of the wearable device that may be detached and used as a Bluetooth accessory for a single ear.

The Bluetooth headset features a trip-core audio processor that is capable of producing high-definition voice as well as a twin microphone that is equipped with noise suppression. In addition, there is support for caller ID, a capability to silence incoming calls, and other features.

This time around, the device goes a little farther than the fundamentals when it comes to monitoring one’s fitness. There is a heart rate sensor integrated right into the watch that monitors your vital signs around the clock and analyses how your heart rate fluctuates. Your level of stress may be determined based on this information, and there are breathing exercises that can help you remain calm. The TruSleep component of this product enables enhanced tracking of one’s sleep as well as personalised recommendations.

The most recent iteration of Huawei’s wearable fitness tracker ships with 512 KB of RAM and 16 MB of Flash storage for native applications. The 108 mAh battery ensures that everything continues to function normally for up to three days on a single battery charge. Additionally, the product has been given a water-resistance grade of IP67, which indicates that it can withstand perspiration, rain, and unexpected water splashes.

Pre-orders for the Huawei Talkband B5 are presently being taken in China, with shipments expected to begin on July 20. It is available in a total of five colours and three varieties of straps to choose from. There is a listing for the product on Vmall at this time with a price tag of CNY 59. That comes out to just about $9.

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