I have spent a month using the Google Podcast app, and this is what should improve

The Google Podcast application is one of the most interesting news that we have seen in terms of entertainment by the company for many years, although we have recently seen quite interesting news in this regard, such as YouTube Music.

However, podcasts are somewhat more unexplored, in which Apple, for example, has a very curved application with which we have already compared Google. Now, after a month using Google Podcast, we are going to tell you what our impressions are with the application, and what we think should improve.

Google Podcast: failures and virtues of one of the best Android podcast managers

The Google Podcast application came to Google Play just a couple of months ago, and it has not cost much to become one of the best applications to listen to podcast that we can download on our mobile or tablet, partly due to the little but strong competition

The best: its design and its speed

Undoubtedly, what we can highlight most about Google Podcast is its interface, perfectly adapted to the Material Design 2 that reigns in Android 9.0 Pie, and minimalist enough to make us enjoy a very good experience when looking for podcasts, but without missing items on the screen.

One of the things we like the most is that on Google’s home screen we have our favorite podcasts, but without neglecting recommendations that the great G thinks they can be of our liking. In this way we will be able to access the known, but also discover new programs that we might like.

In addition, it also groups these into categories according to their theme, radio station or even their popularity, which always comes in handy to discover new programs that may be of interest to us. And here, of course, Google makes browsing through them quick, visual and very intuitive, and that is something to be appreciated.

The worst: its lack of options

On the other hand, there are also certain aspects in the application that makes it not just convince us all that it should, since it floats compared to other alternatives such as Pocket Casts, which today seems to be unrivaled, not even in Google.

And, for example, Google Podcast does not allow us to set an automatic shutdown time, and that is something that we hear podcast at night we appreciate a lot, since we can set a timer for the episode to stop if we fall asleep .

In addition, we also miss the option of being able to download the episodes individually to listen to them offline, an option that almost all the competition has and that allows us to have the episodes we want to always listen with us to hear them when we do not have coverage or when we don’t want to spend data.

Beyond this, there are certain podcasts offered by Google itself on the cover that, when trying to reproduce them, does not leave us. These types of errors, in the end, ballast the user experience, and make that, despite having the best Google Play design, it is not yet up to other alternatives.

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