Idle Heroes

Idle Heroes Beginners’ Guide

Idle Heroes Beginners' Guide

Idle Heroes Introduction

There is a time saying “Nothing to do anything” due to the characteristics of the game mainly based on neglect. It is a game character of how to put up with the use of the item at those times, how to obtain rewards efficiently at the event, how to keep the material on hand.
Abandon = Let’s start with a new server unless you are particular about it because it is a game that gets stronger in time.

Japanese may become strange in the update, and some languages ​​may not match in the game. Please complement your brain or ask someone if you do not know.

About charge

It is said that it is good to do the first to decide start dash, and start dash at high class summoning event, if possible, complete the race. (Because there are a lot of heroes available).

VIP 3 is recommended for monthly billing in case of fine accounting. Because 8 stars 10 in a casino and 5 star summons in 100 high-class summons are released.

When you start the game, if you feel interesting, it is good to move, charge, start dash according to the latest server opening.

Idle Heroes Initial goal: Align the stamen with 5 natural heroes (heroes without star 4 status).

Apart from the norm is basically a powerful 5 star that is a star 5 evolved from a natural star 5 hero. Natural stars 5 heroes also have a disparity ( see Character Evaluation Tier List ), and there are various occupations, but let’s first think about arranging them. As for the aura as well, it is about time to make a star 10, but do not mind at first.

Basically it should do.

① Let’s scream “add me” in world chat

Since you can use the heart which you can get by fellow registration, you can use it in summoning, star 3 – 4 discharge rate is not bad, so always 30 a day aim as long as the server is not depopulated. In addition, looters released at Lv 36 will get a last kill, or they will receive a diamond from looters found by themselves. Let’s aim for the last kill positively. There is no grudge against your friends because you do not know who last killed.

② Let’s join the guild (make it)

You can enter the guild at level 21 . Guild in Mill in the guild coins, gold income, guild dungeon in the guild income of coins, guild warfare in the guild of the coin income, their guild hero of the acquisition of the shop using a coin, science hero in It is strengthened ( it is in the guild but is personal). Basically, investment in science is recommended unless you can expect significant enhancement of strength by buying shop heroes . Basically science is limited to three kinds, pastor → warrior → other order is recommended, but let’s investigate actively while dreaming about your future team for reset free once.

③ Let’s do a daily quest

Although it is a neglected game, it is the accumulation of fine details of the days. Let’s do a daily quest. For high-level summons, for casinos , do not do, do not have opinions, but per-unit price is just a little profitable. If you do not do it, there are merits such as high-level scroll and casino can be easy to accumulate by the event. The hero challenge of the challenge dungeon is the means by which star 4 can be obtained cheapest, and if it exceeds level 70 we recommend to buy the challenge right to the upper limit. Blacksmith consumes money to a certain extent. It is good to leave weak equipment for daily digestion without selling it.

④ Let’s run the event

Refer to the recommendation of the event . The store the items for the event is important, but the campaign item if clogged can not be cleared, etc. Let’s use. Campaign is basically stuck at the player level.

⑤ Let’s use the altar (Let’s organize the back)

Heroes do not regret the stars 1 – 2 to break apart. It is not unless you decompose stars 4 or more even with Miracle Special Ultra Super Megaton billing. While stuffing the star 3 filling up, when it overflows, what you do not need will be decomposed at the altar. When you really want to disassemble star 4 by event etc., it is a little profitable if you make it to star 5 after synthesis.

⑥ Let’s digest facilities not in the daily

For the island level 30 in the sky, the trial level of the brave 40, the Ashbourg dungeon level 72, for details see each section, but do not forget to digest it.

⑦ Register your account

You can get Norma star 5. Since it is only one server, let’s decide to play on this server.

Did you have a star 5 in the middle of that?

Let’s think about arrangement

There are arrangements that are suitable for professionals such as warriors and pastors by heroes. The first thing to put the strongest warrior and the most struck. Heroes with skills when attacked are good, as they are beaten like Norma , recovered, beaten like a ice strike and become stronger. The second is said to be the most safe, and it is most likely to place heroes that are most attacking, such as the main attacker, that you do not want to be deceased. There is also a case that the special hero is sealed by specialized hero when the warrior is hardened or the power is insufficient or the work is biased.

Idle Heroes 6 Star Guide

The first star 6 is troubling. Who will be raised, wait for a synthesis event, or synthesize immediately? If it seems to be clogged with cavalry as described above , you should synthesize it. Otherwise you may wait for an event. As for who to raise, Star 6 can finally be used as a material, so anyone can do it. Strongly speaking, if you give priority to PvE, you will gain a lot of rewards in the long run.
Please thoroughly examine what you use for synthetic materials. Consider it while referring to the character evaluation list by character, the rate list by character, and let’s listen to the surroundings if you do not know. There are also up and down in the update, we recommend that you do not feed as you worry.

Have you got star 6 and you can use monsters as well? Player level 60-70 is the easiest to clog, it is easy to get bored with novelty. Please do your best and get over it.

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