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Idle Heroes 2021 – FAQ Questions and Answers on the Game

Idle Heroes Beginner's Guide: Most Essential Tips For New Players

Here is our comprehensive guide to help beginners to get the most out of Idle Heroes. 30+ Most Essential FAQ Questions and Answers For New Players …

Where is the jewel seer mined?

-You can get: by completing the conditions of certain events; buying for real money during certain events; having bought on the black market (500 points 1pc.); getting the quest in the tavern; purchase from merchants in the pit Asyba (2250 points for 5 pcs. or 500 points for 1 pc.)

Where is it mined and why are the visionary’s wishes needed?

– Obtained by the use of the jewels of the seer and used in the tree of the seer to replace 5 * and 4 * heroes. Fractions of darkness and light can not be replaced.

-You can get in the tavern quest or buy on the black market.

Where the skills studied work in the guild?

-Everywhere. This answer was given by the game developers.

On which floors of the tower give 50 souls of random 5 * hero?

-105, 130, 155, 180, 205, 230, 255, 280, 305, 330

How many points do you need for a VIP?

  1. VIP 1 (350 points)
  2. Idle Heroes VIP 2 (700 points)
  3. VIP 3 (1400 points)
  4. Idle Heroes VIP 4 (3150 points)
  5. VIP 5 (7560 points)
  6. Idle Heroes VIP 6 (18900 points)
  7. VIP 7 (47,250 points)
  8. Idle Heroes VIP 8 (103950 points)
  9. VIP 9 (187110 points)
  10. Idle Heroes VIP 10 (299376 points)
  11. VIP 11 (449064 points)
  12. Idle Heroes VIP12 (673596 points)
  13. VIP 13 (1010394 points)
From what mission in the campaign do 5 * heroes start to give souls? * (in the campaign you can get souls of a certain race, but in addition to light and darkness)

– It starts in campaign 7-5 (fraction of the forest), 7-10 (fraction of the undead), 7-15 (fraction of the bastion), 7-20 (fraction of the chaos), etc.

From which company can you get orange gear?

-with mission 15-1.

The game has the functionality of Friendship.

It helps to get the “heart” necessary for a special appeal. There you can also call the boss for the murder of which you get a reward (friends can help you).

Maximum 30 friends. 

Going to it you have 4 sections:

1) A list of your friends. It displays the functionality to send / receive the heart, as well as see the boss of friends (if he is currently called up).

-You can hold a training battle with a friend (for free, there are no rewards)

2) Here you can find a friend if you know his ID (for example, they told him in VK). Also here you are invited to add random friends.

3) This section displays friend requests from other players.

4) The partition of the battle with the boss. Every 8 hours there is an opportunity to call the boss, if the boss is not called, then you get a small reward.

  • To fight the boss you need meat, it is credited automatically every 3 hours (maximum 10 pcs.)
  • After each boss fight, you are offered a choice of 3 chests with awards, you can get hearts, gold and equipment in them.
  • After killing your boss you will automatically receive a reward in the mail.
  • For killing friends boss you get a reward of 20/30/50/80 diamonds (depending on the level of the boss)
  • From Monday to Sunday there is a competition inside the server; the more damage you do to the boss, the higher your rating will be and the higher your reward. The leaderboard and your position can be viewed in the “Integrating List”. Reward list and remaining time “integrating reward”.

The game is constantly held various events, they are cyclical.

Heroic Summon (aka “Heroic Call”) – an event on calls from scrolls is necessary to make heroic calls, when you reach a certain number you get a reward

Heroic Miracle (aka “Miracle”) – an event to call on heroes of all factions must be called 3-5 * heroes of the faction of the abyss + forest + bastion + shadow and 2-5 * hero of the faction of light + darkness, in order to receive the maximum reward you must summon all 6 factions several times.

Ways to invoke:

  • get from a backpack
  • invoke calls in a mandala
  • get a seer in a tree and get from a backpack
  • synthesize in a circle of creation.

Hero exchange (Exchange in the Altar) – during the event in the Altar, you can exchange heroes for Fragments of the Soulstone. Usually there are 1-2 good heroes each for 5.000-7.500 Fragments of the stone of souls

Tavern Quest – an event in the tavern you need to complete quests 4 * (20 pcs) / 5 * (15 pcs) / 6 * (4 pcs) / 7 * (2 pcs) for a certain number of completed awards are given

Fusion (aka Fusion) – the synthesis event is necessary to synthesize 5 * and 6 * heroes in the creation circle, for this the Shelter award is given – an event on the exchange of existing 4-4 ​​* and 1-5 * on the event 5 * hero

Broken Space – the event on the world bosses during the week, all players have access to 3 types of bosses (differ in reward, rewards: gold, Vedovskaya dust and resources for improving werewolf). At the end of the event, depending on the rating you take for damage among the servers of your group, you will receive a reward.

Wishing Well / Casino – an event at a casino is necessary to play in a casino, the more chips you spend, the higher the reward

Militants Arena – an event in the arena is necessary to collect a certain amount in the 1×1 and 3×3 arena

Prophet Summon on Orbs) – the event on the jewel of the seer the more you use the orb – the better the Special Event reward will be :

Gem Box (chests for gems) – during the event, you can buy chests with a reward for 1k (usually there are 5 top-up scrolls), 2k (usually there are 2 presets 4 * orange sets), 4k (the other 2 items 4 * orange sets) , 6k (usually there is 25k dust and a hero) and 8k (usually there are 20k guild coins, 5 * hero or skin and an orange artifact) gems.

Campaign Drops ( Campaign loot, Temporary event for a special item) from time to time developers launch the event On certain items that can be exchanged in the event store. Items are provided from auto-pharma in a campaign or when buying packs. (rare).

What kind of heroes can be purchased in game stores?

The game has 4 stores where you can buy a hero for the currency of this store: the store in the altar, the store in the guild, the store of the test of the brave and the store in the casino

Casino Shop:

The loss of heroes by accident, you need to update the store to catch them. The cost of heroes in this store is 8.000 / 10.000 / 12.000 items. 1 spent chip = 10 points.


Lutz, Mirage, Feim, Dragon Hunter, Eddga, Kalmar, OD-01, Siniere Baroque.

Guild Shop:

In this the store can be purchased 4 * (can be purchased several times) and 5 * (only 1 time) characters for guild coins. Coins are mined in the mill, in the battle with the raid, as well as in the battle of the guilds.


Kajas, Bone Collector, Sayla, Allelia (cost 1000); Holy and Dark spirit (2000), Starlight (10.000), Man without a face (10.000), Lord (10.000), Bad (10.000), Glorious guard (10.000), Amos (14.000), Gusta (10.000), The Queen (14.000)

Altar Shop:

To get currency, you need to split the heroes 3 * = 10, 4 * = 25, 5 * = 250, 6 * = 1250


Feigen (400), Logen (400), Leimongayden (300), Mentor of Time (200), Babo ( 200), Bounty Hunter (200), Malasa (3000), Margarita (3000), 0D-01 (3000), Farid (3000), Gusta (2000), Bari (2000), Lord (2000), Man without a Face (2000), Worth (4000), Glitter of Ice (4000), Kerry (4000), Demon Hunter (4000), Zyrok (5000), Black Asinto (5000).

The Brave Trial Store:

(40000), Starlight (40000), Kareem (45000), Zirok (55000).

If you have forgotten your password, you need to write an email at

in the letter it is necessary to provide the following information:

  • Platform games – Android or the IOS
  • server where you play
  • your nickname
  • your ID

Super Casino

  • To access it you need 1400 points = $ 50.
  • 1 chip = 1 turn, in contrast to the usual casino in a super casino 10 tags = 10 turns.
  • You can upgrade your casino assortment every 3 hours or by paying 100 diamonds. After 24 hours, the assortment is updated forcibly (the countdown can be seen at the top of the screen).

The method for obtaining the chips:

1) Buy on the black market at a cost of 260 points for 1pc. or 500 points per 2 pcs. (depends on your level).
2) Receive as a reward at various events

At the moment, heroes of all factions are available in the Super Casino

Access to the pit opens at 72 lv. The pit is open 48 hours, after which it closes for 48 hours.

A maximum of 5 heroes is available, after you set up the composition, no changes in stones / artifacts / level elevation, etc. will affect the heroes inside the pit. (Example: If you secured a character without equipment, then putting it on after having approved the composition will not be taken into account).

You will be attacked in waves by rivals, only 245 waves. You need to choose a hero who you want to fight with this rival squad and send him into battle. Health between the waves is not restored. After your hero dies, he will not be active until the next stage.

There is a “quick battle” function, allows you to skip the battle animation and display the result immediately on the screen (thereby saving time). The button is located in the lower right corner.

After each victory over the enemy, you will randomly receive one of three rewards: a Chest, a Potion, or one of 3 merchants.

From the chest you can get: resources for improving and evolving a hero, gold, diamonds, as well as resources for improving Monsters.

Recovery Potions:

  • 1st restores 100%; HP.
  • 2nd recovers 50% of HP and restores energy to maximum; 3rd restores 20% of HP.
  • Hero gain potions (affects only one): Speed ​​+10, Attack + 1.5%, Crit chance + 2%.

Merchants are different range and prices, the dwarf least profitable, and the old woman makes the most generous offers. (The range of merchants in the photo, as well as you will see the benefits in relation to the black market)

Recommended heroes for the passage: Amos, Killer, Norma, Danterian, Michael, Light of the stars.

Idle Heroes Questions and Answers on the Game Questions and Answers on Idle Heroes Idle Heroes 2021 FAQ

Where are 5* heroes mined?

-In all 3 types of appeals there is a chance to get a champion, but in the higher he is much higher.

-During events, as a reward, give souls to 5* heroes, if the conditions of this event are fulfilled -Tavern: a quest with a rating of 6 * / 7 * can fall in it, you can also get souls of 5* heroes.

– From a certain level in the campaign, you can collect souls of a certain faction (except for light and darkness).
In the Guild Shop: you can buy for 10.000 and 14.000 guild coins.

-Kazino: you can get lucky and he will fall out of the roulette, as well as you can accumulate 8000 coins and buy.

-Super Casino can get one of the rare heroes, the chance is higher than in the usual, but still low.

-Ispytanie brave: You can acquire 10 random shower of 6000 coins, as well as Bari and Starlight 40000, 45000 and Karim Zirok 55000 Dragonscale

-Bashnya world of dreams: at certain levels of the tower are given 50 random shower 5 * character

-Arena (championship test): participating in this arena are issued coins that can be exchanged for 10 souls of one of 4 factions (except light and darkness) or the soul of a random faction –

Tree of a seer: during the event (or in the tavern, as well as in the market) you can get the jewel of the seer *, having spent it is a chance to get a 5 * hero (4 fractions separately, and and the light and darkness of 50/50 chance).

-You can synthesize 5 * heroes using 4 * heroes in the “creation circle *”

-Altar: splitting heroes you earn coins you can buy 5 * heroes for them

-Just during the events, they sell souls of random or certain heroes (the price is usually $ 99.99)

-Yama Asyb: you can buy 50 souls of random fraction for 3000 diamonds from a merchant.

-When you reach the level of VIP 7 and above, you can get the souls of the heroes Zirok and Asinto Black

Substitution 10* Heroes

In the game, it became possible to EXCHANGE an unnecessary hero 10*

To make an exchange CREATED already 10 * hero is necessary: 

  • in the first cell to install an unnecessary 10* hero
  • in the second cell, 5 pcs 5* hero is
  • installed 5 pcs in the third cell “Boxes for the Soul” (Soul Symbol)

click “Change Hero

Example of use: 

you have 10* Amos (put it in the first cell) and 5pcs 5* Mirage (put them in the second cell), put the Boxes and press the = button you will have 10* Mirage

___ UPD: ___

you can now replace the characters above * 10 – number of 5 * hero by +1 per level of evolution

Link to characters that might help you make the right choice

Characters List: Click Here 

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