Idle Space Tycoon Guide – Tips, Tricks and guidance for the newbie

We bring you a guide full of secrets, tips and tricks from Idle Space: Tycoon Guide for beginners.

If you have just started the game, you will surely enjoy our Idle Space cheat guide: Tycon Guide. Idle Space Tycoon Game allows you to manage a hangar and add spaceships to it. As in any other game of Tycoon, you will have to manage the resources you have to enrich yourself and grow in the most comfortable way possible.

In each hangar you can deploy four ships and a pilot, which go through the space in search of resources and to sell merchandise in exchange for credits. In addition, you can start your own ship business at any other point in the galaxy. In this post we give you some tips to get the most out of these ships performance. We remind you that you can download this game for both Android and Iphone . Do not forget to tell us what you think about the post!


Idle Space Tricks: Tycoon Guide – improve hangars and double profits

One of the basic parts of the game that we recommend is always better hangars to have the largest number of ships possible. The ships are the ones that go out to the space in search of prizes and materials that turn into credits so that without a doubt you will want to have the maximum amount and the best possible ones.

We recommend that you add improvements to the ships to double your profits. To do this you only have to give the “tap watch” menu button and improve the ships. They will also allow you to see advertising in exchange for extending the improvement period.

Idle Space Tycoon Guide Tips

Idle Space Tricks: Tycoon Guide – Assign Pilots Wisely

You should assign the pilots very wisely. All these pilots have two abilities. When you have the hangars sufficiently developed you can assign more than one pilot. Analyze very well what kind of pilot you want in each of the ships to increase the amount of income you have.

From time to time, chests will appear in the window. You can get a large amount of money simply by watching the advertising offered by the game itself. This is exactly the same if you enter every day or if you accept the offers that they give you to double your income.

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