Images of the upcoming Fitbit Charge 3 that have been leaked reveal a brand new look as well as a variety of strap options.

The next fitness tracker from Fitbit named the Charge 3 has now been pictured for the first time. They originate from a website in the Netherlands called Nieuwe Mobiel.

Back in September of 2016, Charge 2 was presented to the public for the first time at the IFA trade event. It is time for the tracker to be updated, despite the fact that it continues to be quite popular and a best seller. Because a typical product cycle at this company lasts for two years, the IFA trade show that will take place in Berlin in around one month looks to be an excellent choice for a debut. It is incredibly coincidental that this leak occurred at this time.

There haven’t been many rumours about the device up until this point. Bloomberg sources stated a few months ago that the Charge 3 will be a “sleeker variant” of its predecessor; however, very little other information has been published.

The photographs that were uploaded to the Dutch website today show a gadget that has a more contemporary appearance, with a screen that is larger and bezels that are slimmer than its predecessor. Because the real specifications have not been disclosed, everything else is based on speculation.

The fact that the button on the left now looks like it has a notch in it is an intriguing development. This would imply that the device might have a new method of operation, possibly a touchscreen. The button on the tracker appears to have been redesigned, and our best assumption is that this was done in order to make it more water-resistant.

The increased amount of screen real estate may also result in an increase in the battery life of the device. Battery capacity is a crucial selling element, and while the Charge 2 can last for a perfectly good five days on a single charge, there is a myriad of devices available that can keep operating for a week or more at a time without needing to be recharged.

We are also holding out hope that this iteration of Fitbit will incorporate built-in GPS, stress tracking, additional insight into your vital statistics, and offline storage for music. There is also the option of using Fitbit Pay. However, none of this has been established as fact.

The report claims that there is a far larger variety of replaceable straps, some of which are made of dust and plastic respectively. Above you may see a white strap with perforations that looks quite similar to the Nike+ band that comes with the Apple Watch.

These photographs might not be authentic, but judging from their appearance, they are likely to be the actual article. They originate, according to NieuweMobiel’s statement to TechRadar, “from a reputable source who desires to remain anonymous.”

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