In 2022, will a Fitbit Premium subscription be worthwhile?

Fitbit’s fitness app is one of the most user-friendly on the market. However, some of its functions are locked behind a paywall. Is the price tag justified? Continue reading to find out.

The Fitbit smartphone app is a great way to keep track of your fitness.

The Fitbit smartphone app is fantastic. It’s easy to navigate, and everything is within easy reach. The app provides a wealth of information without overwhelming you.

All of the essentials are available for free. This contains data on steps, distance, calories, exercise, and sleep, among other things. Fitbit has slapped on some additional software-based goodies with the release of the Fitbit Charge 4.

After an exercise, you’ll be able to overlay training intensity information on a map. This can be in the form of shaded pace or heart rate zones throughout your route. Consider it a heat map depicting the intensity of your effort.

Active Zones are the other new feature. It measures the intensity of your workout by providing points for different heart rate zones. The more points you get, the harder you work your ticker. According to World Health Organization recommendations, the ultimate goal is to accrue 150 active minutes each week (or 75 minutes of strenuous activity).

Is it still worthwhile to pay for a Fitbit premium subscription in 2022

With Versa 3 and Sense, some new functions were included. This includes being able to monitor heart rate variability, temperature, breathing rate, and stress levels. Since then, some of these metrics have been made available for a handful of the older devices. Who’d have guessed that your Charge 4 or Inspire 2 could monitor heart rate variability? Unfortunately, access to this requires a premium monthly subscription.

What is Fitbit Premium, and how does it work?

So, what exactly are the benefits of paying for access? What do you get for the $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year you’re asked to pay? Is it worth it to pay for the extras?

In the second half of 2019, Fitbit Premium was released. It’s part of the company’s goal to diversify away from a mainly hardware-based revenue source. We’ll have to wait and watch how things progress now that Google is on board.

A subscription unlocks personalized programmes, personal insights, challenges and experiences, advanced sleep techniques, and thousands of unique workouts. It now also allows you to explore the Health Metrics dashboard in greater depth.

What are the benefits of Fitbit Premium?

Programs with a guide

Starting with customized programmes, which have been available since the release of Fitbit Premium. These are step-by-step workout instructions featured in the app’s Discover section.

When you click this, you’ll be offered a variety of options. They are divided into four categories for ease of understanding: at-home training, eating healthier, getting more quality sleep, and becoming more active. This first category was recently added to aid people in coping with social isolation. Each programme is one to three weeks long and holds you accountable throughout your journey.

Is it still worthwhile to subscribe to Fitbit Premium in 2022?

The Wellness report and advanced insights

The name gives the game away. Advanced insights are exactly what they sound like. More personalised data that connects the dots based on your metrics. To make relevant suggestions, the app digs deep into your sleep, exercise, and heart rate data. You can receive these even if you don’t subscribe, but this is knowledge on steroids.

Furthermore, there is something known as a “wellness report.” This summarizes and provides your data from the previous month in an easy-to-understand format. You can download the report as a PDF file to examine or print it, and you can also share it with your doctor or personal trainer. There is information and charts about your heart health, weight (if you have a connected scale), sleep, and activity available.

Additionally, sleep aids

Fitbit’s sleep statistics are already quite detailed. You can acquire information about light, deep, and REM sleep if you have a heart rate-enabled gadget. Using the app, you can set nighttime and wake-up targets, as well as reminders to stay on track and a sleep schedule history to track your progress.

This is even better with the Premium Subscription. Your sleep score will be broken down in this section. For example, I received 66 points for my overnight slumber last night. When I clicked on the figure, I discovered that 33 (out of a potential 50) of these were awarded for the length of my sleep session, 17 (out of a possible 25) for deep and REM sleep, and 16 (out of a possible 25) for restoration (which measures how peaceful or agitated I was by analyzing my sleeping heart rate).

With the premium subscription, you’ll get more thorough and personalized advice on how to optimize your kip time.


Workouts are the next premium addition. These are exercise videos and instructions to help you spice up your workout. Fitbit, Daily Burn, Pop Sugar, barre3, and other brands are represented.

Adventures and challenges

Premium members can also participate in new challenges. They’re referred to as “adaptive challenges and games” by the corporation. Challenges can be personal or social, allowing you to compete or work toward common fitness goals with others. This might be a member of your family, friends, or the Fitbit community. It’s been proven time and time again that we exercise more in social situations.

Is it still worthwhile to subscribe to Fitbit Premium in 2022?


The final bonus is designed to keep you relaxed. This includes a sound library for guided meditations, which comes from a variety of sources.

The Dashboard of Health Metrics

The Health Metrics Dashboard is the most recent and probably the most essential update. This is where things start to get a little muddled. The Health Metrics Dashboard is free for Fitbit Charge 4, Inspire 2, Versa 2 & 3, and Sense users in its most basic form. You’ll need a premium subscription to get much of the information if you’re using an older device.

Will a Fitbit Premium subscription be worthwhile in 2022?

Having said that, without a premium subscription, even if you have one of the latest gadgets, your access is limited. You can only see a one-week snapshot and can’t go back to examine monthly and annual patterns or get more detailed information.

Skin temperature, oxygen saturation, heart rate variability, breathing rate, and resting heart rate are all graphed on the dashboard.

temperature of the skin

This is the one that has gotten all of the attention. It displays the difference in your nighttime skin temperature from your baseline. Users may monitor their skin temperature. Fitbit Ionic, Versa, and Sense users may also There’s a chance the feature will be available to Charge 4 owners as well.

Saturation of oxygen (SpO2)

Without a premium subscription, you may view the nightly average SpO2. Premium subscribers, on the other hand, have access to more detailed data as well as the ability to monitor trends.

Will a Fitbit Premium subscription be worthwhile in 2022?

Variability in heart rate (HRV)

This is your average HRV during the course of a night. It differs from resting heart rate in that it determines the variability of heartbeats. You should aim for a high number. In milliseconds, the data is given in its raw form. The Alta HR, Blaze, Charge 2 and above, Inspire HR and 2, Ionic, Versa range, and Sense are all compatible with the feature.

respiration rate

This one displays your average breathing rate in breaths per minute throughout the course of the night. It uses the same hardware as the HRV.

In 2022, will a Fitbit Premium subscription be worthwhile?

RHR (resting heart rate) is also available to non-Premium members. This measure represents your average resting heart rate in beats per minute. Fitbit wearables that are compatible with HRV are also compatible with this feature.

In 2022, will a Fitbit Premium subscription be worthwhile?

Users of the Fitbit Sense can also view their stress management score. The statistic provides insight into how stressed you are on a daily basis. You can also get a breakdown of the factors that influenced the figure.

What is the price of Fitbit Premium? Is it really worth it?

The majority of what a normal Fitbit user requires may be found in the app’s free section. If you enjoy guided workouts and programmes, however, you might enjoy the premium subscription features. These are ideal for folks who are just getting started, want to change up their regimen, or need a little more incentive.

But, let’s be honest, it’s not going to happen. For most people, the additional sleep insights, mindfulness exercises, and challenges are nice-to-have rather than a need. If you don’t plan on using the guided workouts and programmes, then $9.99 a month (or $79.99 for an annual subscription) is probably not worth it.

If you have a Fitbit Sense, though, the story changes (and to some extent, the Versa range). That one is bursting at the seams with health measures, many of which are only available in detailed form as part of the Premium subscription model. While the free app and gadget can show you a snapshot of certain parameters like SpO2 and skin temperature (Fitbit Sense only), you’ll need a premium subscription to see more information and trends.

The good news is that Fitbit is currently providing new members with a free 90-day trial of the entire service. This will assist you in determining whether the features are worthwhile to you. You will not be charged if you cancel before the trial period ends.

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