In Silent Mode, you can block out both noise and light while you sleep with this mask

A Kickstarter campaign for Silent Mode, a high-quality sleep mask that blocks out light completely and features built-in audio to help you get a better night’s rest, has just been started.

The company, which is based in Hong Kong, asserts that it has been scientifically established that napping has a variety of benefits, including the ability to relieve stress, increase alertness, help you make better decisions, improve your mood, stimulate creativity, and more. Even a workout that lasts only twenty minutes can be enough to give you a lift.

Silentmode’s goal is to make the practice of wearing headphones and an eye mask separately at night a thing of the past. Memory foam that is grade three all the way around and wraps around your head to block out any and all visual and audio disturbances took eighteen months to design and create. The audio speakers, which are incorporated directly into the mask, are the most innovative element of this product. They employ a technique known as passive noise cancellation in conjunction with individualized frequency settings in order to coax users into falling asleep.

Simply put on the mask, and then use the smartphone app that comes with it to switch to the “sleep mode.” You will immediately find yourself in a less stressful situation. The mask gives you the ability to listen to music and breathing instructions developed by Silentmode, which are together referred to as Breathonics. Podcasts, audiobooks, or even just your own music can be played instead, if that is more to your liking. The intelligent napping alarm system provided by Silent Mode will gently wake you up, and it is also capable of creating a personalized napping routine for you.

“Power-nappers can modify the soundscapes for the ideal mood mode, from a deeper session during a 10-hour flight to a 20-minute switch-off for focus development,” said cofounder Jens Nielson. “Power-nappers can switch off for 20 minutes to increase their ability to concentrate.”

“The effects can be seen right away. According to the findings of a study that we carried out, users who used Silent Mode to rest for less than 5 minutes experienced an average reduction in heart rate of 19 percent.

The entire mask is constructed out of bamboo cotton, which is breathable. It has a battery life of 24 hours, making it ideal for those flights that cover a great distance.

At the time of this writing, the mask that enables you to take a nap anywhere has raised more than $88,000, which is a significant increase over its goal of $40,000. The campaign will run through the 22nd of November, and the rewards will be delivered to backers in April of 2018.

The cost is $129 and higher.

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