Inspire 2 by Fitbit

The Inspire 2 is based on a few of the earlier initial Fitbit fitness trackers, however, it differs slightly from devices like the Flex in terms of style. It’s a fantastic fitness tracker to select in today’s smartwatch market, with some amazing basic functions.

Key Features

The Fitbit Inspire 2 is a smartwatch with modest fitness tracking capabilities. For starters, the platform is both motivating and enjoyable. Similarly, the Inspire 2 has the majority of the same apps as the previous models, including the option to engage in adventures, which include tracking your footsteps to legitimate routes and unlocking photos and data along the way. You may also make use of Fitbit’s new Active Minutes function.

This gives a little more interest to your activity, and you can even participate in Fitbit challenges with your pals. You may also pay a subscription to enrol on the Fitbit Coach programme, which offers guided exercises.

The Inspire 2 also records sleep patterns, with some subsequent versions having more advanced features. It can divide sleep into two types: heavy sleep and REM sleep.

Notifications, such as call and SMS alerts, are another important feature of Inspire 2. You may see samples of your communications fast. The gadget has a vibration function that may be used as a discreet notification or alarm. A countdown clock and a stopwatch are also included in the design.

Design Specifications 

The Fitbit Alta and the Inspire 2 are identical in form and design, albeit the Inspire 2’s band is 1.47 inches bigger. Furthermore, despite its subtlety, this watch is readily recognisable as a Fitbit at a look. The strap is easy to replace, and there are several different bands to choose from. Straps in both big and small sizes are available.

The silicone strap is included by default. This gadget is so pleasant when worn loosely that you may forget it’s there.

The keys and the touchpad are used to operate the Inspire. Even though the screen is simple with a monochrome OLED, the interface is easy and ideal for everyone to use.

Tracking Fitness

It’s crucial to remember that the Inspire 2 isn’t designed to use as a training opportunity, so you won’t be disappointed if you go with those expectations. The goal of this gadget is to motivate folks to get up and walk more. Because just a small number of sensors are necessary for this task, those are the only sensors included in this smartwatch.

The Inspire 2 has a three-axis accelerometer, a heart rate sensor, and sleep monitoring capabilities. Wi-Fi and GPS are not available. You can only keep track of how many calories you’ve burned, how many steps you’ve taken, how far you’ve travelled, and how many active minutes you’ve had. This is ideal for someone who just wishes to increase their daily exercise level.

Pros and Cons 

  • Fashionable and thin style
  • An easy to-use-sleep tracking feature
  • Very ergonomic fit 
  • Cheaper than most competitors
  • Comprehensive User Interface
  • Huge Variety of Interchangeable Straps

However, it has no GPS tracking facilities. 

To Conclude 

There is a slew of gadgets that are worthy rivals to the Fitbit Inspire 2, however, the most are more expensive.

The greater cost, however, is justified by the added features and usefulness they give. If you like the Fitbit name but want more advanced fitness monitoring features, the Versa 3 might be a nice option for you. It has a lot more features, like sports tracking, integrated GPS, and the ability to talk to Amazon Alexa via your wristwatch.

The Fitbit Inspire 2 is a wonderful choice if you simply need a simple step counter that is light and comfortable and looks decent on your wrist. If you’re serious about sports monitoring or just want something a little more current for your buck, you can certainly look somewhere else.

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