Instagram doesn't work? How to know if the service is down

During this last year, we have had to warn on more than one occasion about problems on Facebook servers, which have resulted in falls on Instagram, thus affecting the millions of users who use the social network worldwide. And being such a popular platform, it is not surprising that these types of problems only need a couple of minutes to go around the world and revolutionize the rest of social networks.

However, there are times when Instagram problems are not due to failures on the platform’s servers. It is possible that if the social network does not work for you, the problem lies in your device or in the state of your Internet connection .

And how can you find out if Instagram is down, or if instead it is our device that has problems? As we did with WhatsApp at the time , in this guide we will see step by step how to check if Instagram is down and does not work .

Problems on Instagram: the first consequences of a fall

It is not too difficult to determine if the problems we suffer when using Instagram are related to failures in the service servers. According to the Down Detector platform , the most reported problems by users when using Instagram are the inability to refresh the publications feed –with 65% of the reports–, to log in –28% - or access through the website of the social network –5% -. Therefore, in case you encounter one of these inconveniences, it is likely that a failure on Instagram servers is the root of the problems.

Of course, before taking for granted that Instagram is down, it would be advisable to perform a series of tests on the device that serve to rule out failures related to the operation of the terminal itself, or with the Internet connection. The first is to test each and every one of Instagram’s functions - refresh the Feed, see Stories, send direct messages, publish images ... - it is likely that, in case the service is down, it is not possible to perform any of these actions.

It would also be necessary to access other applications that require an Internet connection - such as the browser, for example - to rule out that the problems are in the Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. In the same way, it is worth checking the rest of Facebook apps - like WhatsApp, Messenger or Facebook itself. If any of these three apps, along with Instagram, are the only ones that show problems, you can almost confirm that the fault lies in the company’s servers.

What does the rest of the world say?

The best way to check if Instagram has stopped working due to a server crash is to look at what other users of the platform say. For this, there are websites such as DownDetector , mentioned above, in which anyone can report problems with any web page or platform, including Instagram, with the aim of notifying the rest of the world about the failures.

Depending on the number of reports received, an indicator will appear at the top that will be green, orange or red depending on whether everything works normally, if there could be problems, or if the service has definitely stopped working as usual.

Another service similar to DownDetector , which can be useful to check the information when it is not too clear if Instagram has fallen , is IsTheServiceDown . As in the previous case, it will be possible to notify about failures, as well as to see an updated chart in real time on the reports of other users.

Another good way - and perhaps the fastest - to determine if Instagram is down , is through alternative social networks and platforms. Normally, Twitter is the place where all those instagram users who suffer problems are going to stop to tell the rest about the failures. In those moments, hashtags like #InstagramDown rise like the foam of minutes .

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