Install the latest Lenovo Moto gallery on any Android

Moto (Lenovo) is one of the firms that is progressing better in the mid-range, thanks to terminals like the G4 of last year. Today, consequently, we bring you a piece of these terminals : the gallery.

Indeed, those who cannot swallow the default gallery of your Android smartphone and want a simple, compact and virtually identical alternative to that of Android d ‘ stock , the Moto gallery is your salvation .

The gallery of our mobile is where all our photographs, videos and the like are located, so we want it to be simple, fast and accessible , attributes that without going further the “MotGallery2_530034” (name of the latest version of the gallery of the Moto) owns.

Therefore, you can then download and install the latest Moto gallery for free and on any Android device , such as the latest Moto Z2 Play, the latest G5 or previous devices with Nougat.

Specifically, the Moto gallery consists of 3 simple categories: photos taken with the device’s own camera, albums and videos. In each of them we visualize the multimedia organized vertically, in chronological order and with some photos larger than others , giving a beautiful “mosaic” effect.

Without further delay, you can download the app’s .APK file in APKMirror , but first you must ensure that your Android device meets the following requirements :

  • Have an Android version greater than or equal to Android 5.0 Lollipop installed
  • Have the option “Unknown Origins” activated in the developer settings

If so, you just have to move that file in the memory of your mobile and install the app from there. As we read, if your mobile is from Lenovo (Moto) you should not have any problem, but in some other smartphones the photo editor does not work .

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