Instructions for Linking the Polar H10 to the Garmin Smartwatches

Users are able to link additional devices such as tempo sensors, foot capsules, heart rate monitors (such as the Polar H10), and much more to their Garmin devices through a function that Garmin calls ANT+. This is a function that not many people are aware of that Garmin provides.

This allows you the flexibility to improve the quality of your data gathering by simply attaching an external drive to your device. For instance, ANT+ compatible systems can be integrated into treadmills so that data about the user’s treadmill workout can be tracked and saved.

A more precise measurement of your pulse rate can be obtained than with a conventional wristwatch if you attach a sensor like the Polar H10 to your Garmin. As per FitAndWell, the Polar H10 is an advanced heart rate monitor that was developed specifically for athletes who participate in running, swimming, triathlons, and other outdoor activities.

It is recommended that you review it if you are unable to figure out the processes involved in linking your Garmin gadget to your Polar H10 heart rate monitor. It is important to keep in mind that the procedure of connecting any additional devices that you own is practically exactly the same.

What models of Garmin watches come equipped with an ANT+ sensor? 

Garmin’s popular watch series, such as Forerunner, Venu, Fenix, Enduro, Instinct, Vivomove, Vivoactive, and Vivosmart, all come equipped out of the box with the capacity to facilitate ANT+ software. Visit the official catalogue page of ThisIsANT to learn more about a certain version that you already own.

To determine whether or not your Garmin gadget is compatible with ANT+ technology, follow the instructions below:

  • Please go to the official category page for ThisIsANT.
  • You’ll discover a few filters to use on the left side of the screen, such as companies and products.
  • Choose “Garmin” from the range of companies that are displayed.
  • Next, from the set of options, select “watches/wrist screens.”
  • Done! It will restrict your search to those Garmin devices that are compatible with ANT+ technology.

How Do I Connect My Garmin Watch to My Polar H10? (In a Sequence of Steps) 

First Step: Activate the Polar H10 

Turn on the Polar H10 and wrap it across your torso before you link the two devices. This is significant since the gadget will not be seen when it is in a dormant state.

Step 2: Activate ANT+ on Your Garmin Device 

Your next task is to check to see if the ANT+ technology that comes with your Garmin is activated. Although it is still on by standard, it is best to verify this setting while moving forward.

Using the Polar Beat app is the way to go about doing it. To activate, open the Polar Beat app, navigate to the Settings menu, and then pick the HR sensor before tapping the “Enable ANT+” button.

Step 3: Conduct a search for the Polar H10 

You will now have to perform a check to look for equipment in the immediate area. In our particular circumstance, it is Polar H10.

To do a scan, select Options > Devices and Attachments > Add New Item > Start Scanning from the menu on the left while keeping both gadgets near each other.

Step 4: Locate & Connect 

After the scan is complete, the name of the item will be displayed. After that, you have to choose it in order to finish matching. When you have successfully connected, it will buzz.


The Polar H10 can be connected to your Garmin gadget in the aforementioned manner. If you plan on going for a run in the near future, you should wear your Polar H10 on your torso so that it can immediately link with your phone.

You can, however, always check out standard remedies, which work the majority of the time, in the event that you run into some problem relating to sync troubles. You can address sync difficulties.

  • rebooting your device.
  • You can toggle the Regeneration Assistant on and off (on the Garmin timepiece).
  • You are responsible for the consequences of performing a Master Reset, which includes the possibility of destroying all of your information.

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