Intelligent Functionality Powered By Solar Energy Is Provided By Lunar

Intelligent Functionality Powered By Solar Energy Is Provided By Lunar

The LunaR watch is a new Smartwatches that was funded through Kickstarter and, as its name suggests, combines a design that was inspired by the moon with power that was collected from the sun.

The watch was developed by a group of software engineers located in San Francisco, California, with the intention of catering to adventurers and people who frequently travel. Because it automatically adjusts to the local time zone as well as the sunrise and sunset hours, LunaR will ensure that you never miss an appointment again. There are also some capabilities exclusive to smartwatches, such as silent notifications for incoming calls, texts, and social media updates.

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In terms of monitoring one’s fitness, the device will keep track of one’s steps, distance traveled, calories burned, and amount of time spent sleeping (deep, light, and time awake). When you reach your daily target, you will be notified with a vibration as well as a visible LED notification. Because it is water resistant, you do not need to remove it before getting into the pool. Nevertheless, if you are expecting it to track your swims, you will be disappointed.

However, the power supply is where the most innovation may be found in this kind of equipment. The transparent solar panel of the LunaR watch, which was made possible by an exclusive agreement with the solar technology company Sunpartners, allows the watch to charge itself whenever it is exposed to either natural or artificial light. Additionally, there is a conventional USB charger. However, the manufacturer claims that you will almost never require the use of this accessory.

The constant cycle of the moon and the sun served as the impetus for the creation of LunaR, as stated by Gavin Brown, Chief Designer of LunaR.

“We designed a piece of hardware that retains the enticing aesthetic of a traditional Smartwatches while still providing the capabilities of a contemporary smartwatch.” Because it is sensitive to both natural and artificial sources of light, it may store energy for an extremely long time without requiring a recharge.

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The Kickstarter effort that aims to make this watch a reality has already blown beyond its goal, yet there is still more than a month left in the campaign. The manufacturer is confident that their product will transform how battery life is managed in all future smart devices.

The price ranges from $99 to more.

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