Introducing NEXUS, the first wearable designed specifically for the CrossFit community.

The more effectively you train, the more physically fit you will become. There are a number of wearables on the market that can measure your footsteps, distance, calories burned, and even your sleep, but there aren’t that many that are intended exclusively for the gym. NEXUS is analogous to wearing a GPS watch while working out in the gym.

The people over at Push, a sports technology firm that offers solutions to assist athletes in performing to their full potential, are responsible for the creation of the gadget. Their main product, the PUSH Band, is utilised by athletes competing at the highest level in the majority of major sports. Afterwards, it launched an Indiegogo campaign in 2014 to raise money for product development, the company, which is located in Canada, has been moving from good to great in the years since. They are now back, and this time they will be raising cash for a new project using the website Kickstarter.

NEXUS is the first wearable product designed specifically for functional fitness training and CrossFit in general. This is a strength and conditioning programme that focuses primarily on including a variety of exercises, including Olympic weightlifting, callisthenics, and aerobic activity. It has been operating for around twenty years now, and its roots can be traced back to California. In 2005, there were just 13 gyms that were linked with CrossFit; however, since then, this number has ballooned to 13,000 affiliates in 120 different countries.

Put on the band, then when you’re ready, just click. The lightweight gadget weighs only 32 grammes and may be stored in a compression sleeve that is worn on the forearm. After that, the six degrees of freedom accelerometer and gyroscope will automatically tally every rep and round as you make your way through your workout and will transfer this information to your phone in real-time. Nexus has a library of over 140 different workouts, so regardless of the sort of workout you choose, it should be able to accommodate you.

The companion smartphone app, which is available for both iOS and Android, generates more complex information like work-to-rest ratio, round splits, cadence, power, and more. You will be presented with a detailed breakdown of your efficiency as well as your advancement over time. You may also compete with your friends across the world on various leaderboards by using the app to share your exercises with them.

After only a few short days, NEXUS has already successfully surpassed its first funding goal. This project on Kickstarter may be of interest to you if you are one of the 4 million people who regularly participate in CrossFit.

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