Do Smart Doorbells Get Stolen? How To Prevent The Theft?

Do Smart Doorbells Get Stolen? How To Prevent The Theft?

Smart Doorbells are touted as the future of home security since they let us know what’s going on at our front door. On the other hand, Smart Doorbells are costly, and having such pricey items on your doorstep can lure criminals. Every day, we hear about smart doorbells being stolen, which causes a headache for the owners. You’ll learn how to secure your pricey doorbell in this article. Let’s get started.

Is it true that smart doorbells are stolen?

The appropriate response is simple: “Yes.” Smart doorbells are usually more expensive than traditional doorbells, and their high value makes them more vulnerable to theft. Because smart doorbells are more exposed than other gadgets, robbers choose to target them, and they sell stolen smart doorbells on the black market.

The theft of precious stuff is not a new occurrence. The theft of online shopping packages is also highly widespread; according to estimates, over 2500 occurrences of parcel theft have been reported in the last three years. On the other hand, theft of smart doorbells is on the rise. If you own a smart doorbell, don’t panic; in the next part, we’ll discuss some highly effective security techniques you may employ to protect your pricey doorbell. smart-doorbell

How can you protect your high-priced smart doorbell?

Smart Doorbells are extremely expensive, making them an attractive target for burglars. Fortunately, you may take steps to secure the security of your smart Doorbells and keep them safe from intruders. In this part, we’ll go over some of the most efficient ways to keep your smart doorbell safe.

Stucco is a great place to put your smart doorbell.

Stucco is a wet-applied building material that hardens into an extremely rigid solid. By attaching it to the stucco, you can protect your smart doorbell. Stucco is a relatively durable material; thus, ripping the smart doorbell out of the wall would take a lot of force.

Thieves usually do this in a hurry and don’t have the time to put in extra effort to steal the doorbell. Additionally, some doorbells include motion detectors that notify your smartphone when someone presses the doorbell.

If your smart doorbell is attached to stucco, it will take time to rip it out of the wall. You will receive a notification during this time and can take offensive actions to safeguard your smart doorbell.

Keep a close eye on the surrounding area.

When it comes to thieves, they are typically the ones that keep an eye on your home. They may also track when you go to work or sleep to determine the best moment for the heist. If you observe a strange person in your neighborhood, call the cops to prevent possible theft.

Secure your Smart Doorbell’s Wiring

When thieves try to steal a doorbell, they usually go for the power source, which prevents the doorbell from sending you an alert. To do so, they cut the power cables, and you may prevent this theft by securing your wiring.

There are two options for doing so.

You could either run the power cords through your doorway to the doorbell, making it difficult for thieves to gain access to them.

You can paint or plaster over energy lines to make it very difficult for burglars to find them.

Add a layer of security to your smart doorbell.

Installing some form of protection on top of your smart doorbell is one of the most powerful ways of protecting it. You can choose between a metal grid box and a glass box to safeguard your doorbell.

We prefer the metal grid box since it is more secure and difficult to break than the plastic grid box. Make certain, however, that you select the appropriate metal grid box. Please make sure the grids aren’t too thick, as they obstruct the view. Choose the thinner grids if you want a good view of the camera.

You can also use a glass box, but we don’t encourage it because it can impede the view due to reflection and is quite easy to break.

The grid box will allow visitors to interact with the doorbell, but it will be difficult for anyone without a key to remove the smart doorbell from the grid box. Use the metal grid box if you want the highest level of security for your doorbell.

Ensure you have a record of your files.

All videos should be backed up on the cloud or your PC at all times. We propose the cloud storage backup since you won’t have to worry about video loss because the doorbell will automatically retain a backup of movies on the cloud.

It will be easier to identify the burglar using the video after a backup of the videos.

Make certain your Smart Doorbell is in working order.

Insurance is an excellent option to replace your stolen smart doorbell. Most smart home providers provide insurance for their gadgets, allowing you to receive a replacement if yours is stolen.

If your company does not provide insurance, you can purchase it from a private insurance company. You can contact your insurance carrier and file a claim if your vehicle is stolen.

You can safeguard the security of your doorbell by taking the steps outlined above. If a thief manages to steal your doorbell, don’t panic; you’ll be able to acquire a substitute doorbell for free. We’ve outlined all of the procedures you’ll need to take if your smart doorbell is stolen in the following section. smart-doorbell

What should you do if your smart doorbell is missing?

If burglars have taken your smart doorbell, the first thing you should do is to contact the police and report the incident. After that, you should take the instructions below.

Request that the police come to the crime scene and collect any potential evidence. If you followed the methods outlined above, you should also have fingerprints across the area to help you find the criminal.

The second step is to download the criminal video from the cloud and give it to the police to find the person who committed the theft.

The final step is to file the police report properly and request a copy, which you will send to your employer or insurance company for the claim. If the smart doorbell’s manufacturer offers a replacement, the replacement doorbell will be sent to you within a week. If you have obtained insurance from a private insurance company, you can contact the firm for the claim. You’ll need the proper documentation to file the claim, including a copy of the police report, insurance contact information, and an ID card.

You can ask your neighbors for footage if they have smart doorbells or surveillance cameras since it may assist you in tracking down the perpetrator.


Popular businesses such as Ring and Nest provide free doorbell replacement. If your doorbell is stolen, you can follow the instructions above and contact the respective companies’ customer service for a free replacement. You can also use our recommended security measures to keep your smart doorbells safe. If you follow our recommended security measures, it will be very difficult for a criminal to rip the doorbell out of the wall. 

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