Is It Worth It to Upgrade to Strava Premium? 10 Outstanding Characteristics

Strava is the name of a smartphone application that has transformed the method in which individuals register and record the physical activity they participate in. It is used by thousands of people.

The application may be downloaded onto any mobile device and used to keep track of real-time exercises, such as jogging, walking, hiking, or bicycling. Each action that is successfully done contributes to the user’s performance goal.

If you have used Strava in the past or are now using it, you have undoubtedly noticed that it comes in two different versions;

  • The no-cost option
  • The top-tier alternative (Strava Summit)

In the event that you have only subscribed to the freemium model, you may be interested in learning more about the premium option and deciding whether or not to subscribe to it yourself.

Is it worthwhile to pay for Strava Premium? 

Those who engage in a significant amount of outdoor riding, training, or running will find that upgrading to a premium membership on Strava is well worth the investment. The free version enables you to track fundamental statistics such as mileage, velocity, tempo, and elevation, but the premium edition grants you entry to all of Strava’s features, including an experience free of advertisements. The free version is available for download from the Strava website.

You may also add friends and family members to your account so that you can track the runs, cycles, walks, dives, and other activities that they participate in.

Most importantly, upgrading to a premium account grants you access to special tools that make your workouts more efficient. The new Routes feature gives you the ability to compile a list of all of your preferred routes located all over the world.

In the Activity Library, you may find recommended training programmes that have been created by some of the top trainers in the world. Every active athlete on Strava receives several Training Stress Scores every day so that you always can monitor your own personal score.

To have access to all of these premium services, you will need to pay either $5.00 per month (if billed that way) or $59.99 per year (if billed that way).

What additional benefits are included with a paid subscription to Strava? 

The following is a list of the additional features that come with a premium subscription to Strava:

Free of Commercial Interruptions 

It is a welcome relief to be able to ride a bike to work without having the home page of your smartphone be dominated by an advert for a low-cost airline or a quick-service restaurant.

Segment Results

View dozens of brand new parts each week and evaluate your own work in comparison to that of others. Because new segments are developed by other bicyclists who live in the area, you will be able to obtain extremely particular segments that are designed to seamlessly integrate into the route you take from work to your home.

Discover New Ways to Travel Easily

When setting out on a new path, the Strava application is the ideal travelling companion to have by your side. You may get assistance from the community in organising an exciting new experience, or they can show you how to replicate that great path for mountain biking.

The Strava application will make it easy for you to navigate uncharted roads and trails in complete safety, whether you’re looking for a new path to run on or planning out your next bike trip.

Examine Your Efforts in Training

The premium version of Strava brings biking, sprinting, and other athletics to a whole new level by putting GPS tracking in the palm of your hand. Through the examination of your data, it reveals insightful and actionable information on your performance.

The premium option not only allows you to stay connected with your pals but also allows you to compare your performance to that of your peers. You may generate KOMs at local segments with it, and then check your leader board to see how you stack up against your friends and other users.

Create Personal Objectives. 

The purpose of Strava Premium is to assist you in exceeding your physical limitations and achieving your fitness objectives.

With the Premium upgrade, you are able to create your own personal goals, such as achieving a new personal record (PR) in your daily 10K jog or checking items off a cycling bucket list. Because setting goals is completely up to the individual, you can have one aim for this month and another for the following year.

Along the way, you will receive automated reminders, and you will also receive weekly recaps through email, all of which will help keep you motivated.

Gain Entry to the Training Tracking Dashboard

The Training Log compiles all of your workouts into one location, allowing you to more easily evaluate, organise, and monitor your development as an athlete.

As soon as you finish a training session, the Training Dashboard will immediately update its daily and weekly summaries with the new information, providing you with a visual representation of your overall performance.

Athletes get the self-assurance necessary to push oneself to their limit by utilising these potent weapons.

Strava Support 

Athletes that are interested in elevating the quality of their training can benefit from this premium level of support, which was developed just for them.

Workshops for bicycles may be found all around the world, and each one is designed to cater to the rider’s individual bicycle, equipment, riding style, and skill level.

The specialists at Strava Cycling Gear work alongside you to assist you in the process of goal setting, the improvement of your cycling abilities, and eventually the provision of the equipment necessary for you to have a more joyful experience while riding a bicycle.

Individual Temperature Profiles

With Strava premium, you can view your workouts and rides in a completely different light. Your own personal heat maps will demonstrate how and where other riders push their boundaries in pursuit of KOM and QOM, providing you with a better understanding of the quickest paths throughout your route.

Additionally, live tracking is unlocked when you upgrade to Premium, which enables your friends and family to follow along. The knowledge that someone is close by might provide an additional boost of desire to complete the task successfully.

Increase Your Defences 

By alerting potential rescuers to your location, Strava Premium makes it easier for you to maintain your visibility during the ride out. Riders who have paired a beacon device with their Strava account are able to view their position in real-time along the X-axis of a real-time Google Map.

They are able to provide their loved ones with updates on their condition. When it is engaged, hitting the SOS button causes Strava to send an SMS alert to the emergency contacts that have been pre-programmed.

Get Partner Perks

Accessibility to all of the mental, physical, and social benefits that Strava has to offer is unlocked when you upgrade to Strava Premium.

Members are given access to exclusive features and benefits, such as rides that are only available to VIP members, such as the Mellow Johnny’s Classic or Zwift Academy activities, as well as regular information regarding events and items that are specifically designed for them.

Riders who simply can’t get enough of their fix may acquire the coveted gold star badge by upgrading to a Strava Premium membership. This badge is the ultimate expression of an athlete accomplishing and pushing oneself beyond their own limits.

Members of Strava Premium are justifiably proud of all the effort and commitment they’ve put in, and this badge gives them the opportunity to demonstrate to the world just how far they’ve come.

A Few Parting Thoughts

The free edition of Strava enables you to track fundamental statistics such as length, pace, tempo, and elevation, whilst upgrading to the premium version grants you accessibility to all of Strava’s features, including an experience free of advertisements.

If you have been using the free version of Strava, now is the perfect opportunity to upgrade to the paid edition of the service. To have access to all of these premium services, you will need to pay either $5.00 per month (if billed that way) or $59.99 per year (if billed that way).

After all, the membership is reasonably priced, and there is no doubt about the advantages it offers.

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