Is The Apple Watch Series 5 Really Worth The Price


The Series 5 is a more advanced version of the Series 4, with a few extra functions. The basic model costs $429 and comes with an aluminum body and a 40mm screen in Apple’s standard Gold, Silver, or Space Gray hues. The next step up adds a stainless steel finish, which comes in gold, space black, or silver (which Apple refers to as “Stainless Steel”). A titanium option is new to the Series 5. This is available in Space Black. Finally, there’s a ceramic option that comes in pure white that costs even more.

Apple collaborated with Nike and Hermes for special edition sports and leather straps, and the straps are interchangeable. Because there was so much progress from Series 3 to the 4, there isn’t much of a difference between the 4 and 5. With curved corners and an almost edge-to-edge display, you get the traditional iPhone aesthetic. It only has one side button that controls a variety of functions. The introduction of the titanium alternative, which is lighter but more robust, is the most significant design change.


The always-on display is the newest feature, which was developed in response to prior user complaints about having to move one’s wrist to wake up the display. It’s reactive, which means it brightens when needed and dims when not. Some complain that having an always-on function is inconvenient at night while you’re trying to sleep. Series 5’s latest features are more concerned with efficiency and performance than with wowing users with novel notions. Some say the always-on feature wastes battery life; Apple says it’s there to protect it. It has a built-in compass, which improves navigation performance. You can make international emergency calls with the side button regardless of where you bought or registered your phone.

When combined with the fall detection feature, this may be quite useful!Because the Series 4 is already a quick car, any speed improvements may be difficult to notice. An Apple Watch, on the other hand, gives you everything you’ve come to expect from a smartwatch: sleep tracking, breathing monitoring, heart rate monitoring, and GPS.

Assistance features

The Apple Watch’s accelerometer and gyroscope are used to detect falls. They can measure up to 32 g-forces when used together. In other words, if a loved one falls, the fall detection system will notice it and immediately contact help. The fall detection feature in Apple Watch Series 7 may now identify when a user falls while exercising. This allows people to call for help right from their wristwatch. There have been several accounts of this feature saving lives all across the world. Only those over the age of 18 are eligible for fall detection. Once linked to cellular or wi-fi, fall detection will not work automatically. Before your Apple Watch may be used for fall detection in some countries, such as China, you must configure it to contact the police, fire service, or ambulance.


Apple has made a point of emphasizing how universally accessible its technology is, including support for a variety of accessibility needs across its devices. For example, if your eyesight is impaired, tools like VoiceOver may provide audio guidance to help you navigate your smartphone. However, these initiatives aren’t only for your iPhone or Mac. The Accessibility menu can be accessed using your iPhone or Apple Watch. If you already have accessibility capabilities on your phone, setting up accessibility on your iPhone may be easier than setting up accessibility on your watch at first. On your Apple Watch, go to Settings > Accessibility to access the Accessibility menu. Go to Accessibility in the Watch app on your iPhone.

It’s also worth noting that many of these options can be changed via Siri. For example, if you’re blind or have low eyesight, you can ask Siri to turn on VoiceOver so you can explore the accessibility menu without assistance.

Battery Life

Apple claims that the Series 5 will last 18 hours, which is roughly a day and a half, before needing to be charged overnight. This is a replica of Series 4 and is based on moderate usage.


A few new features have been added to watchOS (6) with the latest release. Women can now reliably monitor and track their menstrual cycles, and activity tracking options have been added.There are also new noise level alarms that tell you if the noise level in your environment is too high and could harm your hearing. The option to change watch faces is one of the new features, as is Siri’s ability to ask what song is currently playing or search the internet.


36 GB of storage space

A solid titanium design with a stylish look.

health and fitness benefits that are second to none.


Some people find that having the lights on all the time is too bright at night (plus it reduces the battery significantly).

There isn’t much of a difference between Series 4 and Series 5. (even 3)

There is still no Android compatibility.


So, should you get a Series 3 or 4? Yes. The Apple Watch Series 5 has a sleek new design that sits more securely on the wrist, new materials (if you can afford them), a larger display with the new always-on feature, and greater health and fitness tech tracking. However, the Series 3 or 4 are still worthwhile purchases, especially since the 3 offers the best battery life. If you’re upgrading from an earlier version, though, you’ll fall in love right away.Finally, do you think you should acquire the new Series 6? Yes… That is, if you are ready to pay a little more for more comprehensive health insurance and a few other features. Our entire Apple Watch 6 review may be found here. You might also want to consider acquiring the all-new Apple Watch 7.

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