Is The Huami Amazfit X A Good Smartwatch to Invest in?

Over a year has passed since the Huami Amazfit X was first brought up in conversation. Since then, we have been raising money through crowdfunding campaigns in order to bring the fitness tracker from an idea into the real world. This fitness tracker is now in production, and it is almost ready to be released onto the market. It claims to come with a wide variety of exciting functions.

Huami notes that they have decided to use crowdfunding as a method because they are looking for people who have a passion for technology, want to be a part of a brand new concept, and are eager to try something brand new. Although the date for shipping has been pushed back more than once, Huami has stated that they will be ready to send their finished items beginning in October.

What’s the Look and feel of it?

The Amazfit X has a design that does not include any buttons and a face that is curved at 92 degrees, which helps to reduce the amount of time spent scrolling. It features a high-definition resolution. Thus the display is exceptionally crisp. In addition to providing high brightness levels, this helps to ensure that everything you see is as crisp as possible. It performs well in direct light, allowing you to see what you need to see regardless of your environment or the weather.

It goes completely around your wrist like a bracelet. Because it is so lightweight, it will be pretty easy for you to forget that you are even wearing it! You will never have to worry about being uncomfortable and will always have a clear view of whatever you require, thanks to the way it is curved. According to Huami, to give their screen that precise curve, they must first heat the glass to 700 degrees and then perform a six-step procedure to curve it in a way that does not compromise the quality or the safety of the product.

What Kind of Features Come Standard on the Huami Amazfit X?

Because this watch does not have any physical buttons, the designers incorporated a pressure-sensitive touch button into the design. This button responds when you press on an application. You will be impressed by the variety of functions that are available, such as tracking your stress level and pulse rate, which will allow you to take a break at the precise moment when you require it the most.

If you want to know how well you are performing in terms of fitness, you can choose any one of the nine built-in sports modes. This will tell you where you need to concentrate your efforts in order to get even more excellent results. Because it is waterproof, you may even continue tracking when you are in the water, such as when you are swimming. This watch tracks your fitness and monitors your heart rate, sleep, and other aspects of your health, and it serves as a personal trainer by providing you with individualized objectives to strive toward.

You can get a complete picture of where you are at and what you need to work on with a health watch by taking advantage of the different tracking systems that the watch provides, such as monitoring your blood oxygen level and tracking how well you sleep. This will help you optimize your health and wellbeing.

How long does the Huami Amazfit X’s battery last?

The fact that this watch does not need to be charged on a daily basis is surprising, given all of the features that it possesses. In point of fact, you should be able to use it generally for an entire week before having to plug it in again. Anyone who has been desiring the ability to monitor their sleep without having to be concerned about their device’s battery life during the daytime can rejoice at this piece of information.

When it comes to charging, all you have to do is clip the watch onto the charging cable, put it in the cable, and then give it some time to do its thing. It doesn’t take long to charge, and you can do it pretty much anywhere as long as there’s some power supply.

Does the Huami Amazfit X Offer a Good Return on Investment?

When you take into account everything that it has to offer, the price tag of $329 makes perfect sense. The only problem is that we do not yet have enough information to determine whether or not it is worthwhile to do so because the devices have not yet been made available. The reality of the matter is that you will need to be willing to take a chance in order to get a hold of one of these devices and then wait in order to find out if it lives up to the expectations that were set for it.

Fairness requires me to point out that Huami makes it abundantly apparent that they want people who are enthused by new technology to purchase their watch. If, on the other hand, you are seeking something that has been shown to work, then this may not be the most incredible option for you. On the other hand, if you are a fan of cutting-edge technology and don’t mind taking a chance, purchasing one of these watches could provide you with early access to a product or feature that will permanently transform the market for smartwatches.

The Huami Amazfit X’s Strengths and Weaknesses

To assist you in reaching a conclusion on whether or not you want to make an investment in any new technology, it is vital that you carefully analyze both the benefits and the drawbacks of the technology. In order to assist you in making a decision, we have outlined below the most important advantages and disadvantages:


  1. Massive selection of different ways to track fitness.
  2. Options for one’s whole health and wellbeing that are comprehensive.
  3. Stylishly crafted and with a curved screen that is at the bleeding edge of technology.
  4. A design that is both lightweight and comfortable to wear on the wrist.
  5. You will be one of the first people to buy it if you make the exclusive crowdfunding purchase.
  6. No button screen makes it elegant.


  1. Up to the point that the product is being shipped, there is a risk of the unknown.
  2. An expensive investment in which one cannot be sure of the quality of the watch.

Should I Get a Huami Amazfit X as My Next Wearable?

If you are eager to get your hands on the newest technology and don’t mind being an early adopter of a product that was funded through crowdfunding, then this watch might be the ideal option for you. There are not many first version options remaining available for purchase, but if you are quick, you may be able to get your hands on one before the October shipping date. This would make you one of the first people to test out this new design. 

If you have the most cutting-edge technology for monitoring your health, a high-quality fitness tracker, and a gorgeous design, you will make all of your friends green with envy. If you want to get your hands on one of these watches, you will, however, need to be willing to wait a little bit longer; let’s keep our fingers crossed that the shipping date will not be pushed back even more, this time!

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