Is the Inexpensive Movo Wave Fitness Band Worth the Hype?

Is the Inexpensive Movo Wave Fitness Band Worth the Hype?

Movo Wave

In a universe of smartwatches, there are just two reasons to go for a fitness band. Possibly it’s loaded with an incredible number of sensors that can track your most minor movement, or it’s incredibly inexpensive and within your budget range. The Movo Wave falls in the latter class. Taking special care of fitness lovers on a tight spending plan, it’s less expensive than most high-street smartwatches. It is unquestionably more performing than a low-end wearable inappropriately named smart. Read our Movo Wave survey to figure out additional information if we stand out.


Since its launch/release back in 2015, Movo Wave had a sole purpose. That of serving buyers on a tight spending plan who needed to get a more detailed look at their athletic performance. It has fundamental usefulness and no fancy odds and ends; however, it does what it should do splendidly.

Considering the expendable idea of fitness bands, the brand didn’t come up with the second generation of fitness bands. In any case, the original Movo Wave brings a few benefits, including a slim profile.

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Movo Wave is mediocre in both design and usefulness; however, you needn’t bother with a wellness band loaded with features to get your everyday tasks done.

In setting a meager price, Movo has figured out how to undermine even the most reasonable gadgets before Wave, for example, the Misfit Flash, which merits saying that it’s an extraordinary accomplishment.

Movo Wave

So the thing would you say you are getting at the stripped-down cost? Clearly a stripped-down gadget and application, however, it actually performs the basic tasks.

All in all, Movo Wave centers around the way of life and straightforwardness instead of the information-driven world. It doesn’t connect with your handset naturally - despite being compatible with Android and iOS gadgets. Lacking connectivity features, it expects clients to download the data into their telephones through the headphone jack.

Does this cause you to feel like you’ve turned around to the mid-2000s? Most certainly. In any case, there is a cost to pay if you can’t bear or don’t have any desire to purchase a more costly fitness band.

The mobile application is stripped as well. It has a basic layout that shows you the simple measures. Try not to anticipate extravagant accessories, yet entirely it’s utilitarian.


To characterize Movo Wave’s aesthetics, you need to consider the festival or concert tickets of the show you paid the wristbands that show you’ve paid the ticket for. It comprises a straightforward silicone band with the GPS device fixed on your wrist. It’s neither appalling nor astounding, yet at the same, it’s genuinely lightweight.

Movo Wave Design

It is also very comfortable to wear, so you can undoubtedly fail to remember that it’s there. To add some tasteful worth, the brand furnished the gadget with beautiful elastic bands that assist with securing the band down to your body. There isn’t anything excellent about them, yet you could utilize them to match the Wave to your outfit for a more glamorous look.

As you’d anticipate from a fitness tracker, it’s water safe. Besides, it intrigues with a battery duration estimated in weeks instead of days. There is no battery pointer. However, a red light will begin blazing when it needs more charging.

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Fitness Tracking

We said it as of now. Movo Wave doesn’t succeed concerning many features and abilities. It can only track your steps taken, calories consumed, and distance covered, yet it does as such with the most extreme exactness.

All you need to do to see your progress is download the Movo application and sync the fitness band by connecting it to your phone’s audio jack. While the application is essential, it gives you the likelihood of matching every day’s measurements with a photograph to make a so-called “lifelog.”

We like less that you can’t synchronize the data with other applications, such as diet plans or sports profiles. Subsequently, this probably won’t be the best fitness tracker for athletes and hardcore fitness fans.

The Advantages of the Movo Wave Fitness Band

  • The silicone wristband fits like a fastener on the wrist and is exceptionally lightweight. You can undoubtedly fail to remember that you’re wearing it.

The Advantages of the Movo Wave Fitness Band

  • Negligible yet practical features make it conceivable to track probably the main movement measurements at an extremely minimal expense.
  • Bright bands accompany this fitness band- coming in red and dark - permit you to coordinate it with your games outfit.
  • It is simple to adjust with Android and Apple gadgets, regardless of whether it syncs information. The application is additionally extremely basic and straightforward to utilize.
  • The Movo Wave fitness band offers exceptional battery duration. You can get as long as about fourteen days of consistent runtime.

The Disadvantages of the Movo Wave Fitness Band

  • This fitness band joins fundamental features, and you can’t make or add sports profiles.
  • This tracker does not allow sleep or stress level tracking, which challenges the purpose of a health and fitness tracking device.
  • It needs a Bluetooth network, so you need to remind yourself continually to synchronize the information.

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Final Decision

Movo Wave is a fantastic decision for easygoing exercise-focused attendees, and individuals who need to screen a part of their action couldn’t care less about numbers. It is fantastic, most notably for those who need to lose a little weight and see the fitness tracker as an expendable instead of a vital thing.

This fitness tracker is primitive, to say the least. Numerous different bands convey greater versatility for only a couple of more quid. Be that as it may, to realize the amount you’re moving in a day and couldn’t care less about different fancy odds and ends, then Movo Wave is undoubtedly the best approach.

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