Is The Morepro Fitness Tracker The Best Budget Activity Monitor?

Morepro offers a diverse selection of activity trackers. The one we’ll be looking at is called Morepro MIX. This version is one of the most popular among Morepro followers. And due to its capabilities and efficiency, this gadget has received a lot of positive feedback from users.

The most important feature of this Morepro fitness band is exercise monitoring. It is also regarded as the best fitness band with blood pressure measurement as a result of this.

Inside the packaging, you will find the gadget itself, a strap, a manual on how to use it and a Frequently Asked Questions card.

A Short Point of View 

If you want a specialised activity tracker with all of the basic health monitoring features but don’t want to pay a lot of money, the Morepro tracking device is for you. It’s easy to see in bright sunlight thanks to the brilliant IPS display. The screen provides good colours, and the thin design makes it lightweight in size.

The watch offers excellent monitoring capabilities for practically all types of sports. This watch also has a 5 ATM waterproofness rating, making it appropriate for splashing, swimming, and snorkelling. It also has a camera controlling capability that allows you to shoot photos directly from the wristwatch.

Overall, this is a low-cost wearable device with good capabilities and performance that you may contemplate buying.

Design and Screen Build

The Morepro Activity tracker is elegant and low in mass, making you fashionable and sporty.

If you’re searching for a thinner, less delicate fitness band, this one fits the bill. You will be able to pick from up to five distinct colours.

When it comes to convenience, this activity monitor’s compact construction makes it more pleasant to use. Nevertheless, you must be cautious with the screen because it is unprotected and easily damaged.

Overall, it is attractive and long-lasting.

The Morepro activity tracker features a 0.96-inch IPS display. It’s large and brilliant enough to be seen in glorious daylight. There are no concerns regarding the colours because they are nice and vibrant. On the primary display, you’ll discover all of the crucial data, such as the clock, calendar, and battery status. You may, however, adjust the colours of the digital screen or have a three-colour watch appearance.

Fitness Monitoring 

A gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer are included in the Morepro fitness band, which allow you to count your movements, mileage, caloric expenditure, and more. It appears that the number it displays is correct.

This watch has genuine pulse rate tracking that records your pulse rates and blood pressure and sends the information to the MorePro application.

Because several customers commented about the reliability of the Morepro fitness band, it is not recommended for blood pressure measurement.

Your pulse rate drops to its resting state while you fall asleep. It can measure your active hours, sleep hours, moderate rest, and even profound sleep with sleep tracking. While resting, you may enable the Do Not Disturb function, which will disregard calls and text notifications.

Benefits of the MorePro Application 

  • Keep track of your workouts.
  • Analytical reports of your activity are available.’
  • Make a recording of your rest.
  • Keep an eye on your hypertension.
  • Keep track of the amount of time you spent exercising.
  • Make workout objectives for yourself.

Is It Easy to Use?

You won’t have any trouble using this monitor because it has a user-friendly layout that makes it simple to manage and browse. However, you may become frustrated with the heart rate monitoring because, according to many customers, it displays invalid information.

Awaken Movement Control is to credit for making it simple to awaken this wristwatch simply elevating the arm.


The Morepro activity tracker connects to the internet through Bluetooth 4.0. It also comes with a camera control function. This implies you can use the monitor to activate your smartphone’s camera viewfinder.

This functionality will be useful for anybody who wishes to use their phone’s camera to take and store photographs online. For example, if you’re a gym teacher and want to record certain postures during your workout, this tool will be useful. Simply put your phone someplace and capture the photo with your watch.

Included Features and Functions 


The Morepro activity monitor is water-resistant to IP67 standards. This watch may therefore be used as a diving buddy. It will readily withstand a half-hour submersion in a waterbody up to a metre deep.

Please remember that this wristwatch is splash-proof, swim-proof, rain-proof, and snow-proof, as well as snorkel-proof. It is also not recommended that you use this wristwatch when diving, taking a warm bath, or participating in some other rapid water exercises.

Reminder to Be Physically active 

We may feel compelled to sit all day and refrain from engaging in physical activity. Poor blood flow can be caused by not exercising or engaging in any regular activity.

As a result, it is recommended that you keep your limbs moving. The Morepro activity tracker offers an inactive alert option that will tell you when it’s appropriate to stand up and go.

Reminder of Periods 

The Morepro activity tracker is especially beneficial to women. It serves as a reminder of their upcoming menstrual period, allowing them to plan ahead. It will, without a doubt, offer you an accurate reminder of the user’s physiological conditions at the appropriate moment.

Power Capacity 

It’s simple to charge the Morepro fitness band. This gadget may be charged without the need of standard recharging cords or docks. It comes with a built-in USB port that can be used to charge the wristband anywhere USB is accessible. This is one of the nicest aspects of the Morepro fitness band.

This activity tracker may last 5 to 7 days after being charged, depending on how often you use it. According to a preliminary estimate, if you are using this wristwatch heavily, it will last 3 to 5 days, and if you use it lightly, it will last a week.

How to Start Up 

  • Download the authorised morePro app and create an account.
  • Fill up your basic details after logging in.
  • Locate and connect the appropriate smartphone.
  • Notifications and actions can be configured.

To Conclude 

If you’re on a budget, the MorePro Tracking Device is a good option. Despite the fact that there are other alternative possibilities at this price point, this one is definitely taken into consideration based on its capabilities and usefulness. Even yet, several features, such as the blood pressure sensor, are lacking in terms of efficiency.

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