It only takes two minutes every day to make significant improvements to your health and fitness

A new piece of technology promises that it can analyze and improve your health, as well as your performance and stress levels, in just two minutes each day.

In order to accomplish this, the Corsense device, which was funded through Kickstarter, makes use of your heart rate variability (HRV) readings. In case you were unaware, heart rate variability (HRV) is a relatively new way of determining how stress affects your body. It does this by measuring the variability in the amount of time that passes between heartbeats, which tells you, in essence, how well your neurological system is functioning.

For instance, if the daily HRV reading that you take reduces by a large amount, this has to be viewed as an early warning indicator that you are overloading the system. In such a scenario, it is in your best interest to take it easy on that particular day in order to give your body the opportunity to recuperate.

You place your finger inside the Corsense device, which is designed to function similarly to pulse oximeters. Simply wait a few minutes, and the nifty little device will provide you with precise readings of both your heart rate and your HRV. Accurate is the crucial term in this context.

Heart rate and HRV can be detected with clinical grade precision despite the fact that several popular wrist wearables also monitor HR and HRV. This is due to the technology and powerful signal cleaning algorithms that are behind Corsense. The accuracy is on par with that of “a 5-lead EKG/ECG for HRV and pulse waveform,” thanks to its use of a variety of LEDs, on-board algorithms and filters, rapid sample rates, and physiologically tailored sensors.

In addition, an open platform has been incorporated into the architecture of the CorSense system. This indicates that the raw data can be exported, and it can be utilized by any HRV programme that provides Bluetooth communication. There is, of course, a native app available as well. This device, which goes by the name Elite HRV, is able to monitor the effects that physical activity, nutrition, sleep, and mental stress have on a person’s body. You have the ability to monitor your “daily readiness gauge” as well as your total stress load, capacity to recover, and trends over time.

The effort appears to be successful thus far. It still has 29 days left, but there is almost 90 thousand dollars in the pot, which means that it is well on its way to meeting its target of 150 thousand dollars.

The cost is $105 and above.

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