It Seems That Xiaomi Is Working On A More Affordable Alternative To Apple's AirTags

It Seems That Xiaomi Is Working On A More Affordable Alternative To Apple's AirTags

Following the acquisition of a patent, it is possible to infer that Xiaomi is working on its own version of a product that is comparable to Apple’s AirTags.

The application for the patent was first submitted in January of 2017, and the date of authorization is set for June 25th, 2021. The application was submitted under the title “Method and Device for Finding Objects,” and its identification number is CN106877911B.

The patent is broken out like this: (translation via Google from the Chinese language with some edits).

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“The subject of this disclosure is a method and apparatus for locating a certain object.” The following steps are included in the method: Obtaining identification information about the item to be searched; comparing the identification information with pre-stored identification information in a database, where the pre-stored identification information is information related to the depositor of the stored item; and determining whether or not the pre-stored identification information matches the identification information of the item to be searched. The item’s storage location information will be determined based on the identifying information that is provided, which will then be looked for.

“Through the use of the current disclosure, the user is able to easily discover the item that needs to be searched without having to work hard in recalling or searching through the cabinet, therefore giving greater ease to the life of the user.”

This sounds a lot like the Apple AirTag, don’t you think? A personal goods tracker is a gadget that can be connected to objects and then used to find those things using an app on a mobile device. It is expected that this will be less expensive than the $29 that is required to purchase the Apple product.

AirTag from Apple.

The Apple AirTags have so far been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback. The ultra-wideband U1 locating chip is included in the spherical gadget that was developed by the Cupertino company. Because of this, it is able to connect with iCloud at a more precise level than it could with just Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi alone. AirTags make use of Apple’s worldwide Find My network while maintaining the confidentiality and safety of users’ location information.

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It is still unclear whether or not Xiaomi will release its own version of AirTags in the near future. This is still simply a patent, and it is common practice for businesses to submit patents that are not followed up by the creation of actual items. If the device does end up being released, it may have a lower price point than AirTags, but we have our doubts that it will be as useful.

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