Lily is Garmin’s first smartwatch solely dedicated to women

Is there a Garmin watch just for women? What’s to stop you? It’s called Lily, and there are two versions to choose from.

Gone are the days when sports watches were blocky, unattractive objects that sat on our wrists like bricks. As technology advances, it is becoming easier to create wearables that are both appealing and useful, as well as sensor-rich.

Garmin Lily Lily is the company’s first watch that is solely for ladies. It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time the corporation has been linked to the name Lily. The name has been trademarked by Garmin with the USPTO. The application was submitted in September of last year, but it received little attention.

A couple of smartwatches are part of the new lineup. Lily Classic and Lily Sport are their names.

The Garmin Lilly is a smartwatch for ladies that will be released shortly.

The watches have the same sensor technology and smarts, but the design is different. The duo’s appearance has quirks that make them stand apart. They also differ in terms of whether they use metal or fiber-reinforced plastic for housing.

In terms of technical specifications, Lily’s watch face measures 34.5 millimeters in diameter. Only shades of white (16 level grayscale) may be displayed on the 1 inch (25.4mm) TFT LCD panel, but the colorful background makes this stand out nicely. The watch has a resolution of 240 by 201 pixels, which isn’t particularly high, but it appears to be legible in the photos. A Gorilla Glass shell protects everything from scratches and shocks.

Because there are no buttons, you must use the touch-screen to navigate through the menus. A silicone strap with a width of 14 millimeters is attached to the fiber-reinforced polymer body and anodized aluminum bezel. Leather bands are also available.

The Garmin Lily is a smartwatch for ladies that will be released shortly.

There’s no need to be concerned about water resistance. Lily is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters, so you can wear it all the time.

There’s an accelerometer, heart rate sensor, and SpO2 sensor under the hood, but no built-in GPS. Instead, you’ll have to rely on your smartphone’s satellite signal for more precise position and activity tracking. There’s also no altimeter to keep track of how many floors you’ve climbed.

Stress tracking, Body Battery, abnormal heart rate warnings, respiration rate, menstrual cycle, and other fitness and health tracking features are available. Yoga, Pilates, aerobics, and breathing exercises are among the sports that the watch can track.

The Garmin Lily is a smartwatch for ladies that will be released shortly.

The emergency aid feature is a good touch. It works by sending the wearer’s position to pre-defined contacts on demand. However, in order for this to work, you’ll need your phone. Messages and notifications, as well as the calendar, weather information, music control, and find my phone and find my watch, are all presented on the watch face.

The battery lasts roughly five days. Garmin may not have been able to incorporate a larger battery into such a compact gadget. It is only 24 grams in weight.

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All things considered, this is a welcome addition to Garmin’s watch lineup. It doesn’t contribute anything new to the table. Instead, it repackages current technology in a feminine-friendly form.

On Garmin’s website, Lily starts at $200 for the sport version and $250 for the classic edition. Both are available on Amazon as well (check price).

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