Lintelek Fitness Tracker User Opinions And Reviews

Lintelek Fitness Tracker User Opinions And Reviews

Lintelek Fitness Tracker Review: Fitness Trackers are getting more astute, offering numerous exceptional wellness following elements other than showing us the time. Assuming you are searching for an essential wellness tracker that serves a lot of valuable highlights, then the Lintelek Fitness Tracker holds that spot.

This wellness tracker can gauge your pulse, read your blood oxygen levels, go with your swimming, and allow you to have profound experiences in your wellbeing and body. With countless such choices on the lookout, picking the best wellness tracker for your need can be precarious. What’s more, for that, we have concocted a survey of the best wellness tracker, the Lintelek wellness tracker.

What’s Inside the Box?

  • The actual Device
  • Client Manual
  • Guarantee and FAQ Card
  • Picture

Speedy Opinion

Lintelek wellness tracker is one of the most outstanding wellness trackers that serves all the total wellness following highlights. Like pulse following, 14 unique games mode, calories consumed, rest observing, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The general plan and assemble quality are sufficient. This implies the Lintelek wellness tracker accompanies a shaded presentation that shows everything on the home screen. In addition, the presentation splendor and the shading contrast are excellent, making it appropriately apparent on splendid, radiant days.

With this, the tracker has every one of the abilities to follow your exercise precisely. All information gets synchronized naturally to the VeryfitPro application as this Lintelek wellness tracker has auto-sync information included. Be that as it may, this wellness tracker isn’t waterproof, yet it professes to be dustproof and splashproof. Moreover, it has a far off-camera to click pictures from your wrist.

Generally speaking, this is an extraordinary financial plan cordial wellness tracker that you can consider.


  • Incredibly simple to utilize and arrange the tracker
  • Entirely agreeable to wear
  • Classy Design
  • Battery reinforcement is very great
  • Pulse and other wellness following have all the earmarks of being precise.
  • Very simple to charge the tracker


  • The VeryFitPro application is chomped sluggish.
  • Fabricate quality isn’t simply extraordinary.
  • Screen gets scratched without any problem.

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Lintelek Fitness Tracker Review

Plan and Display


As far as planning, the Lintelek wellness tracker is exceptionally exquisite and smooth, which will make your wrist look sleeker. Additionally, you can wear this wellness tracker the entire day as it is light in weight, and by and large lightweight wellness trackers are truly agreeable to wear. Alongside this, the form nature of the band is strong enough for long-run use.

You get ten different shading choices for the Lintelek wellness tracker.

  • Dark
  • Red
  • Dim Red
  • Pink
  • Light Pink
  • Green
  • Backwoods green
  • Naval force Blue
  • Purple
  • Violet
  • Show

Lintelek Fitness Tracker ReviewThe Lintelek wellness tracker has a 0.96-inch sizeable hued show which is sufficiently brilliant to be noticeable in the sunshine.

You will observe all the fundamental data on the home screen like date, time, and day. In any case, you can modify the watch face as indicated by your inclinations. This tracker gives you three different watch countenances to set and makes your home screen look more appealing. Also, there is zero ability to see issues with this wellness tracker as the showcase tones are more energetic than some other wellness trackers at this cost range.

Movement/Fitness Tracking

As far as following movement and wellness, this tracker stands apart well overall. The Lintelek wellness tracker has 14 unique games mode to follow your exercise and will continue to record exercise time, pulse, distance, and calories consumed.

Additionally, this Lintelek wellness tracker will supplant your pedometer gadget (assuming that you have one) and can be an excellent choice to follow your means precisely. You will get to have this factual data on the VeryfitPro application. On the off circumstance that you will begin your wellness venture with a financial plan, I will exceptionally propose you proceed to inspire one of these to arrive at your wellness objectives.

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Highlights and Functionality


Honestly, this Lintelek wellness tracker isn’t completely waterproof. It has an IP67 waterproof certificate, which can forestall residue and sprinkle. Moreover, kindly don’t wear this wellness tracker during showers and swimming.

Highlights and FunctionalitySo, the Lintelek wellness tracker is just sprinkled and dustproof.

Call and Message Notification

As far as informing and calling, this wellness tracker comes up short on a piece. It shows message warnings and approaching calls. However, it needs to give answers and note calls.

That is alright with a wellness tracker in this cost range.

Notwithstanding, assuming you have a bustling plan for getting work done, instead consider a messaging smartwatch.


This tracker doesn’t have a lot of highlights. However, it has essential sensors for pulse checking to screen your pulse over the day. Close by. It likewise has an auto-rest following sensor to follow your rest around evening time. This component is considerably more progressed, which implies it can follow light rest, profound rest, and conscious time. Additionally, it has an auto information sync sensor to match up the entirety of your information with the application.

Other Key Features

  • Morning timer
  • Far off Camera
  • SMS/SNS alert
  • Adjustable Watch Face
  • Continuously On Display
  • Lintelek Fitness Tracker App Preview

Lintelek wellness tracker utilizes the VeryfitPro application to match with cell phones. Also, this wellness tracker is viable with the two IOS and Android gadgets.

The application is accessible in Google’s Play Store and the Apple App Store. Its connection point is not difficult to utilize and easy to explore through your schedules. Besides, the application’s landing page shows you all the essential outlines of your exhibitions like rest following, pulse observing, calories consumed, and more.

You can do a great value of cool stuff by utilizing the Lintelek wellness tracker like:

  • You can follow your entire exercise meeting.
  • You get to have better experiences in your well-being.
  • Can follow your lay down with DND mode.

How to Connect the Lintelek Fitness Tracker with a Smartphone?

  • In the first place, download the VeryfitPro application on your cell phone.
  • Place the Lintelek wellness tracker near the cell phone, then, at that point, turn on the remote to get associated.
  • Then look for the Lintelek wellness trackers ID.
  • In conclusion, turn on every one of the notices of the App to get a call and message alert.
  • Play out these means to get associated with your cell phone effectively and to have better experiences in your wellbeing.

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Battery Duration

Charging this wellness tracker is simple. You needn’t bother with those wired chargers to charge the Lintelek wellness tracker. It has an inherent USB port on the gadget to charge the wellness tracker. This is perhaps the best element Lintelek has added to its wellness tracker.

The battery reinforcement of this wellness tracker is very significant. In full charge, the wellness tracker gets by for over seven days, which is extraordinary. Notwithstanding, the battery consumption relies upon your utilization; however, with excessive use, it will keep going for 4-5 days without any problem.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Are Lintelek wellness trackers great?

Each Lintelek wellness trackers are great, and they don’t cost a ton, making them the best wellness tracker in their fragment. Also, they serve you each fundamental capacities that you want.

  1. Is the Lintelek wellness tracker waterproof?

No. This Lintelek wellness tracker isn’t waterproof as this wellness tracker has an IP67 Life Waterproof certificate, which makes this wellness tracker dustproof and sprinkle confirmation.

  1. What time does it require to charge a Lintelek wellness tracker?

Lintelek wellness tracker scarcely requires 1-2 hours to get completely energized. The red marker will switch off when the tracker gets wholly energized.

  1. How would you charge a Lintelek wellness tracker?

It is so fulfilling to Charge a Lintelek wellness tracker. Pull the band off and plug it into any USB plug. It will be in charge.

  1. How precise is the Lintelek wellness tracker?

The precision of the Lintelek wellness tracker is respectable. It counts steps impeccably, yet with regards to showing the result of calories consumed, it shows a little over immersed outcomes.

  1. How would I reset my Lintelek wellness tracker?

Play out these means to reset your Lintelek wellness tracker

In the first place, open the VeryfitPro app> tap on Users> System settings > tap on Restart Device.

  1. Imagine a scenario where the Lintelek wellness tracker does not follow rest.

If your Lintelek wellness tracker shows issues with the following advances, reset the gadget, and you are all set.

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Last Verdict

In conclusion, I need to specify here that the Lintelek wellness tracker is the most incredible in this cost range. Assuming your spending plan is exceptionally close, you need to partake in every essential component that a Fitbit offers. The Lintelek wellness tracker is made for you.

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