List Of The Best Cheap Car Insurance Providers In The United States

List Of The Best Cheap Car Insurance Providers In The United States

Cheap car insurance can be a way to protect your investment if you are going to buy a used car . Also, remember that auto coverage is mandatory in the United States. Therefore, we will show you what you need to know to quote cheap car insurance that suits your needs.

Best car insurance company in 2022

Do you want to know which companies are the cheapest and best for car insurance ? Here is our ranking:

  1. USAA
  2. Geico
  3. StateFarm
  4. travelers
  5. progressive
  6. American Family
  7. farmers
  8. Nationwide
  9. Allstate

Summary of the best cheap car insurance

Quote cheap auto insurance depends largely on your profile . In this sense, you will immediately be able to see the cheapest insurance according to the one that best suits you.

Best cheap car insurance in the United States  

Best insurance according to the driver’s profile car insurance company Average price of insurance nationwide Savings compared to the national average
Good driving record Geico $1,100 $221
Young drivers State Farm/Geico $2,986 $1529
Experienced drivers Geico $1,004 $145
After a fine StateFarm $1,299 $305
After an accident StateFarm $1,405 $467
After a DUI StateFarm $1,568 $544
Bad Credit Drivers Geico $1,719 $508
Minimum coverage Geico $1,015 $223
Full coverage Geico $1,192 $205

GEICO: Cheapest car insurance for good drivers

The cheapest car insurance for a driver with a clean driving record is, without a doubt, USAA, which has coverage for as little as $875 a year . The bad thing about USAA is that it is limited to people who have some military affiliation. However, there are still options for drivers who don’t qualify for insurance with USAA: Geico .

This car insurer ranks second among the cheapest in the country with an average rate of $1,100 . Reading this you may think that the difference between the two rates is abysmal, but the truth is that both are below the national average.

Note: Being a responsible driver with a good driving record, no accidents, tickets or citations on your record is the best way to get an affordable car insurance policy. These citizens are cataloged by car insurers as a safe bet and they are precisely the type of clients that insurance companies are looking for. The reason is simple: this driver profile does not usually file claims and when they do, they are usually for a small amount. In fact, that’s why insurers reward them by charging a low fee.

State Farm and GEICO: Cheapest car insurance for young people

The best cheap car insurance for teens costs $2,986 and is from Geico . However, it is important to note that this price only applies to 17-year-old women. Men of the same age should pay around $3,414 for the same service.

GEICO: Cheapest car insurance for seniors

The cheapest car insurance for seniors costs $1,004 and is provided by Geico . As in the previous case, men must pay a little more: $1,038. However, the amount is not so representative.

State Farm: Better Insurance After a Speeding Ticket

While all insurers in our analysis showed a higher study rate when it involved a driver with a speeding ticket , some auto insurers raised their prices much more than others. USAA is still the cheapest option for this driver profile, but State Farm is still the best for being more affordable .

State Farm: Cheapest auto insurance after an accident

For this driver profile, USAA is once again the cheapest option. However, State Farm is the cheapest auto insurance after an accident that everyone can access for $1,405 . According to our study, this rate is 25% below the national average.

State Farm: Best Cheap Car Insurance After a DUI

If the driver profile has a DUI , State Farm is the best cheap auto insurance ($1,568) . USAA is not far behind with $1,661. American Family had the smallest increase in profile study rates.

Nationwide turned out to be the most expensive of all, with a representative annual premium of $4,011 ($2,147 extra) . However, when it comes to percentages, Geico had the largest comparative increase with 153% more for drivers with DUIs versus those with a clean record. ($2,958 vs. $1,168).

To find study rates, we use the same driver profile, except for driving history, which, in this case, reports a DUI . Models, credit score, and coverage is the same as all other examples.

GEICO: Cheap auto insurance for people with bad credit

You can get the best cheap auto insurance for people with bad credit at Geico for $1,719 . It’s considerably less than the $2,227 you’d pay for the average price in the US. If you want to repair your credit and avoid paying so much, we recommend our guide to raising your credit score .

GEICO: Best Affordable Car Insurance for Minimum Coverage

The best affordable car insurance for minimum coverage is provided by Geico for $1,015 . This amount is 19% less than the national average and Geico auto insurance is one of the best in the country.

GEICO: Best Affordable Auto Insurance for Comprehensive Coverage

The best affordable auto insurance for comprehensive coverage is also offered by Geico for $1,192 . According to our analysis, this figure represents a 15% savings compared to the national average.

What is the best cheap car insurance?

Getting a good auto insurance quote is not as difficult as you think. It’s all about finding the perfect balance between the coverage you want and the rates . Once you achieve it, assess whether the price or total cost of that policy fits your budget.

Fortunately, we have started a preliminary investigation for you . From we take a look at the rates and costs of car insurance in the United States taking into account various factors to help you find the cheapest car insurers in the country.

Of course: Take into account that the rates that we expose in this article are only an average that would be adjusted to an average driver. What does this mean? That the cost of the premiums could vary depending on multiple factors that we will mention later. Age, for example, could be a determining factor in setting its value. The younger the driver, the more expensive the policy could be and vice versa.

But now, let’s put this aside. Join us as we examine which is the best car insurance in the United States according to price and which are the cheapest car insurers in the entire country.

USAA: car insurance

USAA is perhaps the cheapest car insurer. In fact, the insurance company offers the lowest auto insurance rates in the country , according to our analysis. And, USAA has a fairly low representative rate of only $875 a year, which is almost $300 less than the next company on the list. The best? USAA has low premiums for almost all driver profiles, and even where it wasn’t the cheapest, it rivaled the cheapest insurer.

Geico car insurance

Geico is the second cheapest car insurer on the list. This company works with an average rate of $1,100 a year . As you can see, it is a little more expensive than USAA, but it is still cheaper than the national average. Geico also offers good policies for all driver profiles, except for those with DUIs.

This insurance company really knows how to stand out from the competition, especially when you look at the premium for 25-year-old drivers . To give you an idea, Geico’s representative rates for these profiles can be hundreds of dollars cheaper than car insurance provided by other insurance companies.

State Farm Car Insurance

State Farm is the third auto insurer on our list of cheap companies in the United States. The company works with a representative rate of $1,169 per year, which is also lower than the national average. Based on our analysis, this insurer is a perfect fit for owners with less than stellar driving records, if you will .

The State Farm rates we studied are well below the national average, even for profiles with speeding tickets or car accidents. The best? State Farm was the cheapest company of all for people with DUIs in our study.

Travelers car insurance

Travelers is the fourth cheapest car insurer in our ranking. However, their prices are surprisingly higher than State Farm or Geico , to give just a few examples. The standard premium is $1,251 per year, but its prices are still typically lower than the national average, regardless of the owner ‘s age, gender, credit score, or driving history ; and this, without a doubt, is a quite attractive element.

Nationwide car insurance

Nationwide is the fifth cheapest auto insurer in the United States with an annual rate of $1,284 . It is certainly a little more expensive than the others, but it is still below the national average.

Progressive car insurance

Progressive ranks fifth on our list, and for several reasons. The representative rate managed by this car insurer is also below the national average ($1,373 per year) .

When you look at various owner profiles, you can see that Progressive has prices that are below average. It could be said that this insurer is perfect even for drivers with DUI , but it is more expensive for profiles with reported car accidents.

Other notable car insurance

American Family car insurance

American Family offers policies with premiums up to $1,391 per year . Of the entire list, this is the last option that is below the national average. Like Progressive, American Family is below the average of the top nine insurers in the country. Although its prices are a little higher than the previous ones, it has fantastic options for drivers with a bad driving record.

Farmers car insurance

We reached seventh place in the list of economic car insurers in the USA. Farmers has a representative rate of $1,682 a year, which is 20% higher when compared to American Family . If you look closely, it’s also a couple of hundred dollars more expensive than the national average, even for agricultural drivers.

Allstate car insurance

We finalize the list of cheap car insurance with Allstate . This company is the most expensive in the ranking, although by little . The company’s representation fee is $1,880, which is only $1 more than Nationwide’s. Still, our analysis found Allstate to be one of the most expensive for driver profiles ages 35-60. Additionally, the company heavily penalizes drivers with fair or poor credit scores .

Note: It is important to keep in mind that our study data may not include the difference in rates in each state of the country. For Allstate , Geico and State Farm we obtained the rates for the 50 US states and the District of Columbia; while the others were measured as follows: USAA (48 states), Progressive (47 states), Nationwide (43 states), Farmers (31 states), Travelers (24 states), and American Family (19 states).

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