Liz is a smart bottle that uses UV light to kill bacteria and provide hydration reminders

Water bottles are the perfect companion for a hectic day, whether you’re traveling to and from work, working out, or just hanging out with friends. However, rather than stopping there, why not go one step further and select a high-tech water bottle? There is an ever-increasing variety of options available. The most recent version was developed by Noerden in France. The information allows you to provide a response to the question, “When was the last time you washed your water bottle?”

A UV sterilization system that is incorporated into the lid of the LIZ smart water bottle is what sets it apart from other similar products on the market. Liz is a smart water bottle. The vast majority of us are aware of the fact that reusable bottles provide an ideal environment for the proliferation of bacteria. There is no avoiding it at this point. Each time you take a drink from the bottle, you spread the germs in your mouth onto the container. The moisture of the bottle is the perfect environment for the growth of fungi.

Because of this, it is strongly advised that you give a bottle a new wash after each time you use it. But let’s face it. Most of us don’t engage in this behavior. By including a mechanism that enables the bottle to clean itself, LIZ makes the process significantly simpler and more convenient. You just need to push a button on the side of your empty bottle or transparent beverage. This device uses UV-C radiation, which breaks down the DNA of bacteria and viruses to kill 99.9% of harmful viruses and bacteria that cause bad smells.

In addition to this, LIZ will maintain your beverage at the temperature you choose for up to twenty-four hours, whether it be hot, warm, or cold, and it will even spew out reminders to stay hydrated. Additionally, it will tell you the temperature of the liquid that is contained therein.

According to Christophe Cermolacce, Founder and General Manager at NOERDEN, water makes up sixty percent of people’s bodies and eighty-five percent of people’s minds.

Even a 2% decrease in our hydration level can cause immediate physical fatigue and a loss of attention. Despite the fact that a healthy adult requires 1.5-2 liters of water per day, 75% of the population is dehydrated. With LIZ’s intelligent hydration reminders, users are reminded to drink water every 2 hours.

The crowdfunding effort on Indiegogo to bring the device to market has already exceeded the goal it set for itself by a significant margin. There are still 27 days remaining, and it appears that it will succeed in reaching the goal. September is the estimated delivery month for backers to receive their connected water bottles.

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