LogicInk is a Day Tattoo that Monitors UV Levels in Addition to Other Factors

As time goes on, wearable tech seems to become more efficient while also becoming more compact. Miniaturized computers are now present in virtually every sphere of our daily life. This is a movement that will only accelerate at a faster rate in the years to come as time goes on.

It would appear that almost everyone today has at least one tattoo. The primary concept behind these arguments is that using them would enable you to better appreciate your individuality and specialness. But other than serving as a means for you to display your individuality, does your tattoo have any other purpose?

The programmable “tattoo” known as LogicInk can provide you with information about your physiology and fit in smoothly with the rest of your life. LogicInk is applied much like a temporary tattoo, and it can provide real-time input based on your perspiration, skin volatiles, skin microbiome, or the surroundings around you.

Because the information can be seen at a glance from the tattoos, there is no longer a requirement for the use of cell phones or other cumbersome technological equipment. And in addition to this, they have a wonderful appearance and are very modifiable. For instance, the colour of the UV monitoring tattoo shifts from white to a dark pink hue based on the amount of sun exposure that the wearer is getting. Additionally, sun protection measures are taken into account. Head on over to the smartphone app that keeps track of your past data for additional information and you’ll find it there.

Therefore, what other applications does it have?

Now, here’s where the crowdfunding effort on Kickstarter comes in handy. The company is currently working on the development of various sensors in conjunction with the UV tracking tattoo, which is already in manufacturing and is scheduled to be released in November 2018. This comprises those that will display exposure to pollutants, hydration, blood alcohol content, and a variety of other factors. The company is going to be able to increase production of these thanks to the Kickstarter campaign that has just been launched.

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