Luft QI: your personal air traffic controller

It bears repeating, but the quality of air found within a building is frequently considerably more problematic than the air found outside. When it’s hot and humid and doesn’t have enough air flow, there are often more gasses and particles in the air.

The inhalation of polluted air has turned into an unavoidable component of the routine activities of many of us. However, this outcome is not inevitable at all.

The Luft Qi is the first portable air purifier to use a nano-reactor, which uses a nano-reactor to eliminate mold, germs, viruses, and hazardous substances from the environment. This eliminates the need to change the filters and eliminates any further costs. The best part is that it is so portable that you can use it anywhere: in the office, next to your bed, in the car, or even in the baby’s room.

Simply plug it in, and Luft Qi will immediately begin producing clean air in the surrounding area. The gizmo, which is about the size of a Coke can, houses a nano-reactor that has been granted a patent and utilizes photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) technology. This indicates that it does not make use of conventional HEPA filters in order to remove mold and germs from the air. Instead, the energy from the light starts a process that converts those harmful chemicals in the air into substances that are not harmful. Instead of trapping pollutants, it eliminates them at the molecular level, making it a solution that is both cost-effective and kind to the environment.

The modest device has received a lot of positive feedback on Indiegogo. to such an extreme degree that it must have caught even the company’s founders off guard. If you wish to contribute more money to the already raised quarter of a million dollars, you have another six days to do so. The same caveats regarding crowdfunded projects apply here.

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