Macclesfield Town, managed by Sol Campbell, has embraced GPS data-tracking technology

Macclesfield Town, managed by Sol Campbell, has embraced GPS data-tracking technology

It was just announced that Macclesfield Town FC, which is coached by Sol Campbell, a former England defender, has made a deal with Sonda Sports to use their technology.

The manufacturer of GPS sports tracking devices is providing the League Two club with the capability of monitoring players while they are participating in training sessions. The coaching staff will obtain valuable information on performance as well as precise biometric data. The results are shown in the form of 26 statistics, which you can look at on the website or in the mobile app.

Daniel Douglas-Pringle, who is the physical preparation coach for the Macclesfield Town team, says, “When we started looking for a GPS system that would meet our needs, Sonda Sports responded right away.”

“Because it is highly vital to maintain track of one’s fitness preparation in the most effective manner possible, Sol Campbell intended to provide a large number of individuals with access to data that could be collected every day with as much precision as was possibly practicable.”

The use of data-tracking devices for the purpose of training is becoming increasingly common among professional soccer clubs around the world. For this purpose, FIFA is working toward the establishment of a universal standard for wearables. Sonda Sports has said that their goal is to give clubs that play in lower leagues access to a professional and affordable GPS tracking system.

“The coaching staff will be able to obtain data that would not only decide the fate of each athlete but will also limit the danger of injury thanks to the statistics that were gathered through the use of the player monitoring system,” says Karol Kosiewicz, PR & Marketing Manager at Sonda Sports. “Because of this, the coaching staff will have access to data that will not only assist them in determining how each athlete is performing but will also reduce the likelihood that any of the athletes would have an injury.”

“Our partnership with Macclesfield Town is an exciting step for us, and we are glad that we can assist the team in their fight to attain a strong position in the English Football League.” “Our collaboration with Macclesfield Town is an exciting step for us.”

Wearable technology is already being utilized by clubs in the Premier League. In fact, when Jose Mourinho was in charge of Manchester United, they were the only team in the top league that did not use the GPS sensor technology that was available.

The newly appointed caretaker manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, recognizes the obvious advantages that come with wearable technology. He has won all six of his first matches, surpassing Sir Matt Busby’s record of five wins in his first six matches, which had stood for seventy-three years.

He recently stated, “I think it is a wonderful tool for physical coaches and for me as a manager to put parameters on the physical work that we do during the week.” “I think it is a terrific tool for setting parameters on the physical work we do during the week.”

“After the games, we will obviously take some physical measurements, and after that, we will plan out the training for the next week.” Obtain all of the minute information that you may believe you can see but that you are not actually aware of. When it comes to organizing the weekly and monthly training sessions, every piece of information that we require and every piece of data that we collect is quite helpful.

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