Magic Microlights: limitless energy for bicycle lighting driven by movement


The tiniest non-contact bicycle dynamos are called Magic Microlights. They utilize non-contact energy and fit inside a typical brake pad.

German inventor Dirk Strothmann is working on his second Kickstarter project. Magnic Light was the name of the first device, which was released about six years ago. He is currently back on the crowdfunding website with a smaller-than-ever device that is powered by motion once more.

We introduced our creation, the Magnic Light, on Kickstarter in 2012. Read the campaign.

The MAGIC is the deft application of well-known eddy current technology, which many “experts” did not think could work and thought our lights would be fake. With more than 17,000 Magnic lights out there thanks to our successful Magnic Light IC campaign 2014 and our online store, we have demonstrated that this environmentally friendly, sustainable technology is capable of replacing bicycle battery lights.

You don’t need any additional adapters when using Magnetic Microlights to upgrade your bicycle with dynamo lights. The method uses electromagnetic eddy currents rather than heavy cables or batteries. Magnets in the generator create eddy currents that cause comparable magnetic fields in the wheel as your bike’s rim rotates. These in turn interact with the generator’s magnets to produce electricity that can run your lights continuously.

Early bird pledges for Magnic Microlights can be made for €25 or $28 for a single front-facing light on Kickstarter right now.


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