Maintain your Connection while Riding with Two Brand-New Cycling Computers from Garmin

Maintain your Connection while Riding with Two Brand-New Cycling Computers from Garmin

Garmin has added two more cycling monitors to its already extensive lineup of products available to cyclists.

The Edge 130 is a hardy and portable device that has a form factor that is very simple and unobtrusive. The cycle computer only weighs 33 grams and has dimensions of 4.1 by 6.3 by 1.6 centimetres (H x W x D), yet it nevertheless manages to pack an astounding array of technology inside of its tiny body.

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You will understand exactly how far you have gone, how quickly you have ridden, how hard you have ridden, and how high you have ridden if you have an altimeter, GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo satellites. All of this data can be viewed on the 1.8-inch Memory in Pixel (MIP) display, which, according to Garmin, is just as easy to read in bright sunshine as it is in dimly lit environments. A downloadable on-road and off-road course are two of the navigation tools that also include turn cues and trail maps.

The Edge 130 is capable of pairing with a mobile phone to deliver notifications of incoming text messages and phone calls. These will appear on the screen of your device so that you can quickly view them and continue riding without interruptions. You may also configure it to send warnings about the weather as well as other information.

The computer has a battery life of up to 15 hours and can be purchased on the Garmin website for slightly less than $200. At the current count, the projected period of availability ranges from three to five weeks.

The Edge 520 Plus is another brand-new addition to the portfolio. The feature-packed smartphone, which is an enhanced version of the widely used Edge 520, comes with all of the capabilities that are included on the Edge 130 and many more.

Garmin Cycle Maps are one of the most advanced solutions available to cyclists. These maps provide turn-by-turn directions for on-road and off-road routes. This entails the addition of new rider alarms for abrupt turns and several other challenges. When you use the preloaded Strava Live Segments, you are capable of competing second by second versus your prior best as well as your acquaintances on Strava. You can also keep in touch with other riders with rider-to-rider texting, intelligent alerts, rider-to-rider LiveTrack and GroupTrack, and built-in hazard identification.

Then there are some sophisticated performance elements, such as cycling-specific VO2 max, which is an indicator of your capacity to remain physically fit, and recovery time, which tells you exactly how much time you need to wait before you can go for another ride. However, in order to use these, you will need to have a heart rate strap. The 520 Plus works with ANT+ power meters, so you can get even more information about your performance.

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The battery life is nearly identical to that of the Edge 130, clocking in at close to 15 hours. On the Garmin website, the 520 Plus can be purchased for a price of $280, and the wait time for the delivery of your gadget will be anything from five to eight weeks.

These two pieces of equipment offer everything a biker might possibly require. Additionally, they are compatible with a variety of riding equipment made by Varia, including the rearview radar and smart bike lighting, amongst others. By adding these accessories to your Edge, you can make it a much safer place to ride.

This also incorporates the most recent edition of the Varia RTL510, which was released simultaneously with the other two bike computers. The radar tail light is simple to attach to the majority of bicycles designed for use on roads, and it functions as an eye on the rear of your helmet to provide both visible and audio warnings of oncoming vehicles (up to a distance of 140 meters). As a result, drivers will be able to detect you more easily. The device has a visibility range of 320 degrees and can be seen up to one mile away during the day.

The Varia RTL510 has the same 15-hour battery life while flashing and costs $200. It also has the same capacity (or 6 hours in solid or night flash mode).

Check out the Garmin web page if you want more information about this and other items.

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