MELO is a breathing-controlling guided meditation device

MELO is a guided meditation device that aids with breathing control. As a result, you can feel less stressed, worried, have negative thoughts, and feel less anxious.

TheaWellbeing spent two years developing the device before launching it on Kickstarter. The device assists you in controlling your breathing, allowing you to feel more connected to your body while also freeing your mind and putting all of your troubles away. As a result, your attentiveness will improve, and your immune system will be strengthened.

So, how does MELO function?

It’s fairly straightforward. Select your breathing pattern and turn on the handheld gadget. You breathe in when the light turns on and out when the light turns off.

Start with a simple 4-4 breathing rhythm and work your way up to the more complex 4-7-8 pattern, according to the business. Of course, for the best results, go at your own pace. To choose your favorite breathing rhythm, you can use either the light function or the vibrations.

MELO is small and light enough to fit into your pocket or purse. Simply take it with you wherever you go to ensure that you have it with you at all times. You can deal with the stresses of ordinary life in this manner without anyone noticing.

The campaign only started a few hours ago, yet it is already halfway to its $10,000 goal. A Melo will be delivered to your home in November for a donation of just over $30.

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