Michael Kors Elevates the Sophistication of its Signature Access Collection

The stylish Access wearable device catalogue from Michael Kors has been updated with the launch of a new timepiece. It has a design that prevents it from getting wet, a heart rate monitor, contactless payment innovation, and a GPS that is not tethered.

It appears that the most recent generation of watches produced by the Fossil Group will have a considerable improvement in specifications this year. Michael Kors is a brand that is owned by the Fossil Group. Recent news from Fossil includes the unveiling of updated models of the company’s Q Explorist and Q Venture smartwatches. The Michael Kors Access Runway has almost the same improvements as its competitors. It has a built-in GPS, a pulse rate sensor, and a shell that is waterproof up to three atmospheres.

These will finally make it possible for customers to use a Michael Kors watch in place of a fitness tracker in the way that it was intended. And with Near Field Communication (NFC) for Google Pay as well as the ability to tap into your device for mobile phone alerts, there is also a respectable amount of wristwatch potential. And let’s not forget about the Google Assistant, which can take care of your daily duties and answer inquiries while you’re on the move.

According to John D. Idol, Chairman and CEO of Michael Kors, “I’m enthusiastic about incorporating our trademark runway style into our already outstanding lineup of wearable technology created in partnership with Google to showcase the latest wearable tech and the Google Assistant.” These wristwatches incorporate the latest wearable tech and the Google Assistant.

“The new features and benefits of Michael Kors Access wristbands make it possible for our customers to be more connected than they have ever been before.”

Unfortunately, the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 platform is also included in the package with the device. The current version is about two years old, and the new one should be here in a month or two.

Because of the increase in specifications, the battery capacity is not quite as good either. It is surely not something to boast about that the device can run on a single charge for a whole 24 hours. The magnetic USB charger just needs one hour to get the battery back up to its maximum capacity, which is excellent news.

Other features include a memory capacity of 512 megabytes and a storage capacity of 4 gigabytes. The screen’s diameter is 1.19 inches, and it possesses a resolution of 390 pixels across and 390 pixels down. The watch is, of course, a Wear OS gadget that is compatible with both Android Wear and iPhones. It’s a good all-arounder.

There are a total of five different strap options available, in addition to the three different traditional stainless steel cases. Alongside its more classic steel bracelet appearance, this model features the first-ever silicone strap offered by the brand, which is designed for active people.

The price of a piece from the collection can range anywhere from $295 to $450, depending on the style of the piece.

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