Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 4G, a fantastic Wear OS watch that now has LTE, is evaluated here

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE Fitness Tracker











  • The second screen offers functionality that is always active.
  • Effortless operation of the computer’s operating system
  • Connectivity via cellular networks, GPS, NFC, and storage for musical works
  • A rather long battery life


  • Masculine design LTE is limited to Verizon

There are not nearly enough watches on the market that include cellular capabilities. Especially if you are searching for something that is powered by the Google Wear OS platform, With the release of its newest watch, Mobvoi has joined this small group of brands.

A little over a week ago, the TicWatch Pro 4G was made available to the public. Users are able to share their existing phone number on Verizon and make phone calls without the need for a smartphone thanks to this feature. This also applies to the usage of text messaging and messaging apps.

Aside from that, the watch is remarkably similar to the TicWatch Pro, which was introduced a little more than a year ago. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, given that the timepiece makes a strong debut in the Wear OS market. Also, its two screens offer a unique way to solve the problem of long battery life that most of these watches have.

But does this beefed-up version include any more changes that Mobvoi has been working on? Continue reading to get my thoughts on the brand-new TicWatch Pro 4G.


If you compare the TicWatch Pro 4G to its non-cellular forerunner, it will be difficult to tell the difference between the two. They appear to be virtually identical in every way.

The new timepiece, on the other hand, is an improvement over its forerunner in a number of ways, not the least of which is the inclusion of LTE radios. This includes a doubling of the available RAM, which is now 1 GB, as well as several more features and options.

However, in terms of the design, not much has changed, which is something that can be commended. The most notable feature of the current version is that it has a layered top, which enables one-of-a-kind power-saving capabilities. This is the version’s main party trick. This is something that has been carried over to the 4G edition.

The TicWatch Pro has a 1.39-inch OLED display with a resolution of 400 by 400 pixels. When you are not using the gadget, a transparent FSTN (Film Compensated Super Twisted Nematic) LCD panel that sits above the primary display automatically turns on. The fundamental goal of a configuration like this one is to maximize the amount of time that can pass between battery charges. All of this is shielded by Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which is an upgrade from the High Strength Cover Glass that was used to protect its predecessor.

Because the LCD turns on automatically whenever you are not using the watch, it is possible to have a screen that is illuminated at all times. The information that is displayed is not quite as comprehensive as you might expect, and it comprises the time, the date, and some basic information about your health. However, the full-color screen is quick to respond at the flick of the wrist, and as a result, you are able to get a perspective that is significantly more specific about the situation.

It’s interesting to note that the clear screen is the one that’s easier to read when you’re outside in the bright sunlight. The opposite is true when the full-color OLED display is viewed inside; the brightness, sharpness, and vibrancy of the colors are all enhanced. When compared to watches with screens that are turned off by default, the addition of the LCD display is a significant and welcome upgrade. Mobvoi deserves praise for coming up with such an ingenious approach, which they have already implemented. Apple might want to take this into consideration.

The interface can be navigated via the touchscreen as well as the two metal buttons located on the right. Because the screen is so big, everything is relatively simple to read.

Swipe left to access Google Assistant and a variety of pertinent information, including tracking data for packages, reminders, calendar events, and more. Swipe down to see your alerts; swipe up to access options such as Airplane Mode, Google Pay, Theater Mode, and Do Not Disturb, as well as a shortcut to ring your phone if you’ve misplaced it. Tiles, which are already pre-installed on your device, can be accessed by swiping to the right. You are allowed a total of four, each of which may be readily personalized using either the gadget itself or the app on your smartphone. Swiping down will take you to the shortcut screen, which will display exercises if you haven’t changed it.

The device has a case made of plastic and glass fiber, a stainless steel bezel, and an aluminum back cover. It has an IP68 rating, making it appropriate for swimming in pools, and its dimensions are 45.15 by 52.8 by 12.6 millimeters. The watch only weighs 47.4 grams, which is 11 grams lighter than its predecessor despite the additional functionality it offers.

The silicone band that measures 22 millimeters in width can be removed and replaced with one of several other available choices. This is actually a tiny step backwards from the previous iteration, which featured a band that was a mix of leather and silicone. Since the watch is only available in a Black edition at the moment, Mobvoi has chosen to remove the Liquid Metal Silver option from its product lineup.

The bezel that surrounds the screen is made of textured stainless steel, and the numbers that are printed on the bezel do not stand out as much as they do on the device’s predecessor. Rotating the metal buttons gives your fingers a bit of a workout and gives them a rough surface, but turning them does not actually accomplish anything beneficial other than give your fingers a workout.

All things considered, the TicWatch Pro 4G is a device that has a nice appearance and is constructed properly. In point of fact, its construction is so resilient that it satisfies the requirements of the MIL-STD-810G standard. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that the watch exudes a manly vibe.

If you ignore the knurled edges of the bezel and the slightly thicker body, there isn’t a whole lot that sets it apart from the Garmin Forerunner range. The gadget does not have a very dazzling appearance, but it does have a functional appeal, and it is comfortable to wear. Because of the dual-display technology, the design is likely so big because it has to be.


The sensors are essentially the same as before after you lift the hood. PPG heart rate sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopes, electronic compasses, ambient light sensors, and low latency off-body sensors are all included in the whole list. In addition, there is the Global Positioning System (GPS), the Glonass Satellite Navigation System (GLONASS), and Beidou, all of which work as they should, as well as Near Field Communication (NFC), which makes it possible to pay without touching a card reader.

As an added bonus, a speaker built right into the TicWatch Pro 4G is included.This, in conjunction with the LTE radios, enables phone calls to be made from the wrist.It can also play music and read out the answers to your questions.It has been some time since the release of a brand-new Wear OS watch that supports LTE connectivity. You have to start over in the year 2017.

Regrettably, the watch still utilizes the outdated Snapdragon Wear 2100 chip rather than the more recent 3100 version. You shouldn’t let this stop you from thinking about making a purchase because it still runs well, thanks in part to the increase in RAM that was added.

The interaction is incredibly snappy, scrolling is smooth, and there is no latency, which is something you occasionally see with Wear OS devices and its precursor. This is especially the case when switching between apps on the watch. The addition of more RAM makes all the difference in the world. Simply having this capability makes the TicWatch Pro 4G model worthwhile.

Because of its one-of-a-kind construction, the battery life is still respectable, especially when compared to that of other Wear OS devices. In its default setting, the watch can function normally for up to 72 hours. The use of LTE connectivity in conjunction with GPS will, of course, cut this time period down to only a few hours at most.

However, as the battery starts to go low, users can switch to a mode that saves power (Essential Mode). When the watch battery falls below 5 percent, this feature will activate on its own automatically. In this mode, the device will continue to function normally for up to one month, albeit it will only show a clear LCD display and have restricted functionality. Not bad! We think that more and more smartwatches will be made with a design that lets them be powered in different ways.

Simply recharging the watch’s 415 mAh battery requires you to insert the watch into its charging cradle. When it is properly aligned with the four-pin connector, you will hear a snap. Going from having nothing to having everything is just going to take a couple of hours.

Tracking one’s fitness level

When it comes to tracking your health and fitness, the TicWatch Pro 4G delivers a lot of the same features as its predecessor. This means that, in addition to other features, your steps, distance, calories, active time, and heart rate will be tracked, as is the norm.

The gadget does not yet have the capability to track sleep, but Mobvoi has stated that this feature would be included in a future firmware update. If you look in the Mobvoi app, you’ll find a section devoted to sleep. However, the feature is now inactive and does not perform any functions.

As a result of Mobvoi updating TicMotion to version 2, the sensors are being utilized more effectively than in the past. This will automatically recognize and document any walks or runs that you do outside. This type of feature is currently included in the vast majority of fitness and sports watches. However, not all Wear OS devices have it. Therefore, it is to Mobvoi’s credit that they have integrated it. Despite this, I find it more convenient to begin each activity manually, as the auto-recognition feature frequently fails to record the initial few minutes of a workout. However, being aware that it is available to use as a fallback is really comforting.

TicPulse is another product that Mobvoi has offered to the market. Even in Essential Mode, a more accurate measurement of your heart rate is now possible thanks to this feature. In addition to that, it sounds an alarm for a very rapid heart rate. If you were wondering how accurate it is, the heart rate sensor is usually accurate, but every once in a while you might see a spike or dip that isn’t right.

When it comes to software, the watch already has the most recent version of Wear OS pre-installed on it. The platform is not where it needs to be now, but it has made significant progress over the years. Tiles that provide a rapid glimpse are the most recent addition. This function allows you to quickly access crucial information on your watch in a variety of different ways.

In addition, Mobvoi takes one step further than some of the other companies that make Wear OS devices in the sense that it offers its own proprietary software. The Mobvoi app can be used, as that choice is made available to users. It has better graphics than Google’s software and gives you access to a lot of detailed statistics, both of which are reasons why I prefer to use it.

Wear OS application.

However, in order for the watch to sync with your smartphone, you will need to have both the Wear OS software and the Mobvoi app downloaded and installed on your device. Although it is somewhat bothersome, it is what it is. The Wear OS app is used for the configuration process of the watch, so everything can be done there. By doing so, you will be able to create an account, connect the watch to your phone, modify settings, select a face for the clock, and perform other functions.

The majority of these configurations can be altered at a later time through the use of the watch. For instance, you can alter the watch face by touching and holding anywhere on the existing watch face. This will allow you to select a new watch face.

In order to use the Mobvoi proprietary software, you will additionally be required to complete a brief additional setup process. This is required if you intend to use TicExercise for the purpose of monitoring your workouts; TicHealth for the purpose of analyzing your daily activity data; TicPulse for measuring your heart rate; and the mobile app offered by the company.

When you use the Mobvoi software, the data you receive is of a higher quality, it functions more quickly than when you use Google Fit, and your heart rate is continuously monitored by the watch thanks to TicPulse. As was noted, this feature is functional even when Essential Mode is engaged, during which time the gadget will record your heart data for up to a month. On the other hand, Google Fit offers a more extensive variety of exercises to choose from.

The majority of your activity can be observed on the watch itself. However, for a more comprehensive summary, you may check out Wear OS/Google Fit on your smartphone or the Mobvoi app on your wrist. For the purposes of this review, I’ll talk about the Mobvoi app on an iPhone, which I found to be the best device for testing.

Mobvoi app

The primary dashboard of the Mobvoi mobile app provides an overview of your day-to-day activities. The ring is the focal point of the page, and its three circles will fill up gradually during the day as you amass the number of active hours, steps, and exercise minutes. Indeed, it brings to mind the activity rings that are seen on the Apple Watch.

If you click on any of these indicators, you will be brought to the Health Center where you may examine an in-depth summary of your activity. There, you have the choice of looking at the activity data for the previous week or month.

Users are also provided with the ability to sync with platforms developed by third parties. Apps like Google Fit, RunKeeper, and Strava are included here.

You have a choice between six distinct exercises while using the TicExercise app. Swiping down from the top of the watch will quickly take you through all of them.Workouts that are encouraged include running or walking outside; running inside; cycling; swimming freestyle; and swimming in pools.

As was previously noted, if you go with Google Fit, you will actually have access to a greater variety of workouts, but the statistics will be less specific. In addition to this, the TicExercise app makes advantage of the secondary LCD display to present information, whereas Google Fit does not have this feature. In the case of running, for instance, you are able to check the time, your heart rate, the distance, your lap time, and the remaining battery life.

Out of the six different ways to get in shape, I was most interested in trying my hand at jogging and swimming. In addition to that, I recorded a workout using the “freestyle” option. This, on the other hand, gives very little information and only displays the heart rate and the length of the session.

There is a lot more to get your teeth into in running. The GPS can be linked up in a reasonable amount of time. When I was using it in conjunction with my Garmin Forerunner 935, I found that on around one out of three occasions, the Mobvoi device was quicker to connect, but at other times, it was the Garmin that was quicker.

The information can be read off of the LCD panel with relative ease. A swipe in either direction will move you up or down through the available information. There is also a function called “Auto Pause,” which functions quite well and is handy for dealing with those irritating stops in traffic. Swipe left to pause or stop the workout, and then you will be given the choice to either save it or throw it away after it has finished.

The Mobvoi smartphone app will provide you with a more in-depth analysis of your workout than the website will. You are able to examine the distance, time, calories burned, average heart rate, and average speed, as mentioned in the previous paragraph. In addition, users receive a detailed chart depicting how their heart rate fluctuated throughout the course of the run, in addition to receiving a chart depicting their pace, step frequency, step length, and a map of the route they took.

For the most part, during the three runs that I monitored, the calculated distance that was displayed on the Mobvoi and the Garmin were, for the most part, consistent with one another. In most cases, the TicWatch Pro displayed a slightly higher average heart rate compared to the Forerunner, although the maximum figure was around the same. While the average stride length remained the same, the Mobvoi had a somewhat slower cadence than the other two.

Even though the smartphone only has an IP68 rating, according to Mobvoi, it is safe to take it swimming. So I decided to take the leap!

The data that is tracked is not as detailed as it is when running, which is to be expected given that optical heart rate monitors do not function very well when an individual is swimming. When beginning a swim, you will be given the opportunity to select the length of the pool; 25 meters will be selected automatically for you.

Distance, time, calories burned, average speed, and the number of laps completed are all tracked by the watch. Everything went according to plan. Additionally, it will attempt to identify the type of stroke that was performed. In my experience, it would occasionally mix up the breaststroke with the backstroke. To be quite honest, my swimming technique has a lot of room for improvement. You will also be presented with detailed segment statistics within the Mobvoi app. This data will include the distance, duration, stroke, and SWOLF.

LTE, as well as other intelligent functions,

At this time, Mobvoi’s cellular connectivity is only functional when used in conjunction with Verizon. To make use of LTE at this time, you will need to be a Verizon subscriber. However, this may change at some point in the foreseeable future. Because of this, I was unable to put this to the test because I live in London. When additional carriers have been added, I will expand on this review.

The feature of LTE enables you to make phone calls from your wrist, check and respond to notifications (either through voice typing or by swiping on a keyboard), stream music from Google Play, and download applications. People who like to leave their phones at home when they work out outside will find this to be a very helpful option.

This opens the door for the creation of some more opulent elements. For instance, there are warnings that say “SOS.” In the event of an emergency, the device, much like the Apple Watch, will call 911 and relay your location to the people you have designated in advance.

LTE can be activated in one of three different methods. Registration is available at for existing Verizon customers. Others can get in touch with Verizon’s official customer service department by dialing the toll-free number or going to one of the company’s official retail locations. After you turn on the SIM function for the first time, you might have to wait up to 30 minutes for the changes you make to take effect.

When your watch is connected to your smartphone, the LTE feature will be immediately disabled in order to conserve battery life. It will reactivate cellular connectivity if it detects that there is no longer a Bluetooth connection between the two devices. Adjustments for this can be made in the settings of the watch, where an always-on LTE function can be located.

The Wear OS software also includes Google’s entire ecosystem of products as an included bonus. It grants access to Google Assistant, Google Play, Google Fit, Google Maps, Google Pay (due to built-in NFC), and even more Google products and services.

One example would be the Google Assistant, which performs extremely admirably. There are a few different ways to call it forth and use it. The simplest method is to simply press and maintain pressure on the top physical button. You can also enable the “Hey Google” wake word by swiping to the left from the main screen. There are built-in speakers, so you will get a response both visually and audibly.

In addition to these, there is a plethora of third-party software such as Uber, Four Square, Telegram, and many more. Fans of Wear OS will feel completely at ease here. By just going to the Play Store from the watch, you can use all of the apps in the ecosystem.

Another helpful feature is NFC, which allows for payments to be made on the go using Google Pay. There is also 4 GB of storage on the device itself, in case you want to download a few songs to listen to when you’re not online.

The verdict

The TicWatch Pro is currently one of the most compelling smartwatch options available for use with the Wear OS platform. The fact that it also has cellular connectivity and a few other bells and whistles makes it an even more attractive option.

As was the case before, the most impressive feature of the device is its cutting-edge dual-layer screen. It offers an experience that is always on and has exceptional readability, even when the summer sun is shining brightly. In Essential Mode, the combination can also increase the battery life from two days to as much as one month.

Mobvoi has increased the amount of RAM to 1 gigabyte, in addition to enabling LTE connectivity on Verizon. Who would have thought that such a simple adjustment would result in such a substantial improvement in the operating system’s response time? When compared to other Wear OS devices, the watch offers a performance that is lightning quick, silky smooth, and completely free of any lag.

The ability to track one’s sleep is not yet available; however, this deficiency should be remedied in a future release. So, the watch won’t be able to compete with devices like Garmin and Fitbit that are made for sports, but it is a great choice if you want an all-purpose wristwatch.

My encounters with the device, for the most part, went off without a hitch. Everything works just fine right out of the box. This new 4G variation will be of particular use to individuals who like to leave their phones at home when they go for walks or rides outside in the fresh air.

This is unquestionably a Wear OS smartwatch that comes highly recommended by me. It is a well-made tablet, though it is a bit big. It has a lot of functions, a good battery life, a lot of apps, and an operating system that works well.

On their websites, Mobvoi and Amazon both have the TicWatch Pro 4G LTE in stock and ready to buy.

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