Moxy Portal is a webtool, app, and cloud storage for the Moxy sensor

A variety of sports watches claim to be able to detect lactate levels. They need a steady Vo2Max value and heart rate data recorded with a chest strap over a range of intensities to arrive at an estimate. There are, however, alternative options.

Humon Hex and Moxy are two wearables that can directly calculate these metrics by monitoring muscle oxygen saturation. The first of them has been phased out, leaving Moxy as the only viable alternative for the average consumer.

Of course, you could go to an exercise lab and pay for expensive exams. This is exactly what a lot of elite athletes do. They can better comprehend their endurance capacities if they know their lactate threshold. As a result, they are better equipped to choose a suitable exercise method for their specific goals.

Sports watches and lactate threshold, as well as runner’s stamina training, are all must-reads.

Moxy’s creators have turned to Kickstarter to gather cash for a project called the Moxy Portal. This is the sensor’s companion app, cloud storage, and webtool. It should greatly simplify the process of gathering, distributing, and evaluating Moxy data.

Previously, the sensor could only communicate with third-party devices like a Garmin or a PC running the PeriPedal software. The Moxy Portal’s goal is to give you another way to collect data while also allowing you to access it all from your smartphone.

By connecting through Bluetooth to the Moxy device, the app will allow you to examine real-time oxygen saturation data. Everything is synchronized to the cloud, where it will be stored. In addition to the app, there’s a web dashboard where you can go further into your data. You’ll also be able to examine real-time workout data from other Moxy users if they grant you permission.

The new platform will be usable by everyone who has a Moxy5 sensor. If you don’t already own the device, the Kickstarter project offers a variety of purchase choices. Even better, you can turn in your old Moxy3 for a Moxy5.

The company is approximately half-way to its $53,000 goal with 19 days left in the campaign. The Moxy Portal is planned to go live in June if all goes well. A lifetime subscription to the Moxy Portal is available for $199.

Prices start at $199 and go higher from there.

$24,662 of the $53,000 goal was raised.

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