MyKronoz has expanded its offering of smartwatches and fitness trackers

At this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC), the Swiss company MyKronoz revealed an updated lineup of its wearable technology products. Also, the ZePods, the first wireless headphones made by the company, were shown to the public. 

The ZeTrack, ZeNeo, ZeRound3 Lite, and ZeRound 3 are some of the new smartwatches and fitness trackers that have just been introduced. These wearables are beginner-friendly and easy on the wallet, with prices ranging from €29.90 (about $40) to €99.90 (approximately $130). The ZeRound3 has the most advanced specifications of the bunch. This fashionable connected smartwatch has an AMOLED display, as well as a gyroscope, an accelerometer on all three axes, and an optical heart rate sensor.

The introduction of wearables will take place in March and April. They are in addition to the ZeSport 2, ZePop, and ZeTime 2 that are currently on the market. Here are the technical details of the newest smartwatches and fitness trackers for you to look over.

With the introduction of ZePods, MyKronoz is also making its debut in the wireless headphones market for the first time. The earbuds, which include Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, are available in a variety of hues, including black, white, pink, red, green, and blue. They have a playtime of up to 5 hours, an easy-to-touch control system, a charging case that can be powered through USB-C and gives an additional 15 hours of charge, and more.

When they go on sale later this year, ZePods will be offered at a price that is both affordable and competitive at €79.90 ($105). You also have the option of purchasing the ZePods+, which comes with a Qi-certified wireless charging case in addition to the standard version of the product. The most advanced model can be purchased for 99.90 euros (about $130).

Boris Brault, the founder and CEO of MyKronoz, said, “Building on our Swiss DNA for design and our strong background in wearable technology, we believe that MyKronoz has a tremendous opportunity to seize in the booming market of wireless earbuds.” “We believe MyKronoz has a tremendous opportunity to seize in the thriving wireless earbuds market,” said Boris Brault.

Launching ZePods seems to be a natural and strategic step for our company to utilize our expertise in building affordable consumer-driven goods and broaden our offerings so that we can provide a complete ecosystem.

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