New High-Tech Coats from Ralph Lauren's Line Keep you Warm by Radiating Heat

New High-Tech Coats from Ralph Lauren's Line Keep you Warm by Radiating Heat

A couple of high-tech coats are going to be introduced by Ralph Lauren. They have a heating element sewn into the conductive lining that can be controlled by Bluetooth.

These jackets are upgraded versions of the Olympic athletic collection that the firm previously produced. The heated clothing sold out in a matter of minutes when it was released to coincide with the games in South Korea the year before. During the opening ceremony, Team USA was toasty warm thanks to the water-resistant clothing. When asked about it at the time, Ralph Lauren stated that it would decide how to incorporate the technology into future goods based on the feedback it received from American athletes.

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The company has delivered as promised and is in the process of releasing commercial versions of the product that make use of the majority of the same technology. The Polo 11 and Glacer Down are the two different design styles that are offered for this clothing. Both contain a heating component that enables the wearer to manage the temperature of the jacket by using the corresponding smartphone app to communicate through Bluetooth with the jacket. All of this is made possible by an internal rechargeable battery that has a runtime of around three hours when set to the highest possible heat level.

On January 24th, Polo will release a snow-white version of their Polo 11 jacket. It will only be available in a very limited quantity, and the only way to purchase it will be through the Polo App in the United States, as well as the Ralph Lauren website in Europe and China. In the latter part of this year, you’ll be able to find the follow-up Glacier Down jacket in silver and navy at Ralph Lauren locations.

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