New smartwatch styles from Michael Kors, as well as a chatbot, have been unveiled

This week, Michael Kors introduced a couple of new looks for the Access Sofie and Access Grayson timepieces it manufactures and sells. In addition to this, the company has released a brand new mobile application as well as a chatbot.

A chatbot and new smartwatch styles are among the announcements made by Michael Kors.

These two are not the first wearables produced by the luxury fashion brand based in the United States. It is equipped with a variety of connected devices, some of which include the Access Bradshaw, the Access Dylan, and the Access Hybrid. A couple of years ago, it also made its debut in the fitness tracker market with the release of the Access Crosby activity band.

The sophisticated and alluring Access Sofie (see on Amazon) is now available in four brand-new colorways and patterns. This comprises a rose-gold and two-tone choice, in addition to a vivid sky blue and one that is wrapped in white silicone.

The smartwatch, just like the rest of Fossil’s offerings, is powered by Android Wear 2.0 and features a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 CPU, 512MB of random access memory (RAM), and 4GB of built-in storage space. You get Google Assistant, notifications, and a tonne of customization choices in addition to tracking your basic fitness stats.

A chatbot and new smartwatch styles are among the announcements made by Michael Kors.

The Grayson, which has a more masculine vibe, also has a few additional color and pattern possibilities (see it on Amazon). These come with a design that is grayish-silver in tone, black, and dark green. Grayson is the larger of the two options, at 47 millimeters in case size as opposed to Sofie’s 42 millimeters, and its touchscreen display is 1.39 inches as opposed to 1.31 inches. Both models have comparable internal specifications.

In addition, Michael Kors has introduced a brand new chatbot that can be accessed through the Messenger app on Facebook as well as Google Assistant. At this time, you can get it on no other smartwatch besides the Access Sofie. The newly developed software walks users through the features and functionalities of smartwatches and also assists them with troubleshooting.

The associated mobile app for smartphones has also been updated to reflect these changes. The My Next function, which is displayed in the sub-eye on the dial, is now included as standard equipment. This is simply a countdown to a significant event utility, and it comes with nifty graphics like birthday cakes, wedding rings, and more. You may watch a demonstration of the My Next function in the following video.

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