No, the applications that promise to repair your mobile battery are useless

That there are no miraculous applications on Android may seem something so obvious that it is not even necessary to mention it, until you enter Google Play and you see that an application that promises to repair the battery of your mobile with a single click has several hundred thousand installations.

Something similar should have been thought by Lukas Stefanko, a security expert specialized in Google’s operating system, seeing how an app under the name Battery Repair 2018 accumulates more than 100,000 installations on Google Play , based on tricking users into believing that the tool can solve any problem related to your battery.

As the expert points out in his Twitter profile, the application makes the user believe that the battery cells of his mobile are defective despite not performing any technical analysis, and offer a magical solution that would consist of repairing all and each of the cells one by one .

However, as can be seen in one of the published catches, a statement appears in the application code that “colors” the application scheme cells in red randomly , so that each time the user opens the application and perform the supposed analysis, new cells - supposedly - erroneous appear. When carrying out the supposed repair, however, the application only re-colors all the cells in the image green , making the user think that they have been repaired. Throughout the process, of course, the application bombards the victim with dozens of ads of all kinds, thus benefiting its creators.

In short: no, this type of application will not improve the performance of your mobile battery or its autonomy , much less repair physical elements such as battery cells with a process as simple as pressing a button. And yes, it may seem obvious, but I’m afraid that the more than 100,000 people who have already installed this app did not think the same before downloading it.

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