Nokia Smartwatch Honest Review on its Features, Design, Advantages and More

Nokia Smartwatch Honest Review on its Features, Design, Advantages and More

The designs of smartwatches are rarely appreciated. While manufacturers strive to build thinner models, most of them still have hefty designs. But the Nokia Smartwatch stands out.

The Nokia smartwatch, once known as Nokia Steel HR and now known as Withings Steel HR, comes with a stunning design that makes it appear more like a sleek, polished Smartwatche than a bulky activity tracker.

But don’t be deceived by its outward appearance. The Steel HR is a powerful smartwatch with all the features you’d expect from a modern smartwatch.

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The Nokia Steel HR is a Smartwatch that prioritizes functionality and smarts without sacrificing style. The wearable, developed by Nokia’s Health business, was rebranded in 2018 after Withings acquired Nokia Health.

With physical hands covered in glass rather than a computerized display, the classic clock design is immediately noticeable. The wearable resembles a standard watch with its slim case and goes well with regular, business, and formal attire.

A small OLED screen in the watch’s center shows notifications and cycles through the wearable’s menu.

It’s also designed to stay on your wrist 24 hours a day, track your sleep and heart rate, and is waterproof up to 5 ATM. It doesn’t have all of the features of competitors like Garmin or Fitbit, but it takes a new approach.


At first glance, the Nokia Steel HR appears to be unremarkable. Still, a closer examination exposes a plethora of useful functions. It receives text notifications on the wrist, notifies you of incoming phone calls, and buzzes when you receive calendar reminders, just like all modern smartwatches.

The type of notification is displayed as a symbol on the small OLED panel. More information concerning the alerts can also be found in a short line of text, such as a contact name or phone number.

While you won’t be able to answer calls or read texts from your wrist, the Steel HR does provide enough information to help you determine whether it’s worth it to take your phone out.

The fact that you don’t get any social media notifications is perhaps the major shortcoming. You’ll have to check your phone for any email, Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp messages in a world where everything revolves around social media. This is where Nokia is stuck in the past.

You can remedy the problem by downloading third-party apps, but it will cost you more money on top of the watch’s already high price tag. Hopefully, Withings will decide to provide native solutions to address these lack of capabilities in the future.

However, if you don’t mind not receiving email and social media updates on your wrist, the Steel HR is a good buy. You’ll receive not just all of the essential features but also an incredible battery life measured in weeks rather than days.

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Nokia’s Steel HR features a basic wristwatch design. The stainless steel case and curved glass add elegance to the package, and the two sizes – 36 or 40 mm – make it easy to choose the model that best fits your wrist.

The left-hand side of the dial has a button that looks like a crown, but it really accesses the menu and cycles between the various measures. When there is nothing to display, the tiny OLED screen shuts off to preserve battery life, disappearing on the black dial instead of the white one.

Your steps are tracked by a second dial that is the same size as the OLED screen. The classic, physical hands show the hour, but you’ll have to determine the precise time due to the lack of markers and numerals.

It’s simple to change the default rubber strap with a conventional 18mm or 20mm watch strap, depending on the case size, and customize the watch’s appearance to your taste.

Fitness Tracking

Multi-sport profiles and advanced fitness monitoring functions aren’t available on the Nokia Steel HR. It tracks your heart rate and sleep cycles. It also provides a customizable step counter with a distance tracker and calories burned counter.

We particularly enjoy the percentage counter that steadily fills as you achieve your daily targets, rather than showing an abstract number, because it is more motivating.

The Steel HR can also be worn while swimming due to its waterproof build and 5 ATM resistance. The watch, however, does not include a swim tracker.


  • Stylish appearance
  • Remarkable battery life
  • Customizable features


  • Expensive
  • It does not support apps well.

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The Nokia Steel HR isn’t your typical smartwatch, but it’s a unique accessory. It’s ideal for men and women who want a sophisticated design with some smart and fitness tracking features.

You won’t receive all smart notifications or the most advanced fitness tracking profiles, but you will get precise measurements and excellent battery life.

If you want an attractive hybrid watch and don’t mind paying a little more, the Nokia smartwatch is unquestionably the best value for money.

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