Novus: the Kid-Friendly Phone, Wristwatch, and Home Assistant

Novus: the Kid-Friendly Phone, Wristwatch, and Home Assistant

Adult smartwatches are widely available. But when it comes to kid-friendly smartwatches, our options aren’t exactly abundant. Especially if you’re seeking a high-end gadget.

But that is gradually changing. It won’t be long until Fitbit and Garmin start producing children’s smartwatches now that they’ve entered the market for kids’ fitness trackers. Smaller businesses are filling the void in the interim.

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One of them is a group by the name of Abardeen. A manufacturer of children’s smartphones just released an ambitious 3-in-1 wearable. The modular Novus smartwatch doubles as a smartphone and home assistant.

The device’s interchangeable core unit allows for smooth form factor adjustments. It transforms into a tiny phone with a touch wheel controller when you slip it into a pod-like container. Your children can use it to place phone calls, conduct video calls, or send text and voice messages. Additionally, there is an SOS option that connects them to emergency contacts who can offer assistance.

With a comprehensive suite of location services, including GPS, A-GPS, LBS, and Wi-Fi, parents can monitor their children’s whereabouts in real-time for increased security. The Novus app, which allows parents to set a variety of parental controls, can be used to configure everything.

Put it on a band, and it will fit snugly on your child’s wrist and appear like a smartwatch. From there, it may track steps to ensure that your children are exercising enough. It can also record videos, play music, and snap pictures.

Finally, Novus can also be integrated into an AI speaker system. The device then serves as a handy information tool and multimedia player, utilising Google Assistant and simple voice commands. Additionally, there is a nightlight feature. When you get close, the device automatically turns on because it detects body temperature.

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According to Jacko Liu, CEO of Abardeen, “When we set out to build Novus, we wanted to take the best technology currently on the market and apply it to the unique needs of a child and their parents.”

We were aware that it would need to be easy to use, entertaining, and full of kid-friendly features, but it would also need to have the strength of parental controls and a dependable method for parents to reach their children at any time. The Novus offers the best of both worlds: a phone that parents like and kids adore.

The Novus device certainly sounds like an intriguing multi-purpose tool. Its $10,000 funding goal has already been surpassed by the Kickstarter campaign to make it a reality. There is still time to participate, with more than a month left in the campaign. August is the anticipated delivery date to backers.

Cost: $149 and up

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