Now available for shipment is the heart monitor smartwatch iBeat.

The iBeat Heart Watch has been released, and the company has made the announcement. This wristwatch has been under development for close to two years, and it monitors a user’s heart rate and blood flow, as well as alerting emergency personnel if the user requires assistance.

Back in 2016, when the firm was just getting its Indiegogo campaign off the ground, we published the very first article on the gadget. The gadget was supposed to go on sale around this time last year, however, as is the case with the majority of projects that are funded through crowdsourcing, it was delayed. Backers of the project will be pleased to learn that it is finally going to be shipped.

Not every wrist-based heart rate monitor is created equal, and the iBeat Heart Watch is not your average one. By taking action in the event of an emergency, the gadget was created with the goal of lowering the mortality rate associated with cardiac arrest. The founder and current CEO of iBeat, Ryan Howard, has stated that he was inspired to launch the firm after the unexpected death of a close friend who was just approximately 40 years old.

Heart activity, including pulse rate, blood flow, and other biometrics, are among the things that can be measured by the watch. In the event that the wearable detects a cardiac arrest, it will immediately alert loved ones as well as the iBeat’s 24-hour dispatch crew, as well as paramedics or other emergency crews. Users of the iBeat have the option to manually trigger an alarm in the event of a crisis by simply swiping their finger over the display.

The watch has built-in cellular connectivity, thus it is able to transmit and receive calls for assistance and can even make calls. This implies that a phone, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth connection are not necessary in order to operate the equipment that saves lives.

Every iBeat comes with a customised dashboard where you may evaluate the facts about your heart health. In this section, you will get personalised insights regarding your activities, as well as solutions for diet, stress, and other variables that may affect your heart health.

According to Howard, the founder and CEO of iBeat, “We have invested the past two years producing a revolutionary product that is unmatched to anything else that is currently available on the market.”

“Starting today, we are dispelling the myth that saying “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” is a sign of weakness and are giving individuals the tools they need to age with dignity while remaining courageous, experiencing new things, and living longer. We are certain that our goal and product will shake up the personal emergency response system (PERS) sector, which is estimated to be worth six billion dollars, and turn it on its head.

iBeat has already submitted an application to the FDA to receive clearance for the Heart Watch to be registered as a medical product. You may get the item right now at for the price of $249. There is also an extra price for monitoring the account every month, which begins at $17.

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