Now that Snapchat Spectacles 2.0 are Available, Let's Take a Look at Some of the Updates and Changes

Snap has opted to try again with its Spectacles concept, despite the fact that the first iteration was a commercial failure. The new eyewear has a more streamlined look, is resistant to water, and has other improved features.

Some people believe they are about to make the same mistake again, but it is abundantly evident that this is not the case. Snap has not decided to give up on its plans to equip its devices with cameras. When they were first introduced in 2016, the firm generated a lot of excitement about their smart glasses by only selling a few pairs at a time, making them difficult to locate.

The demand, however, levelled off after a couple of months despite the buzz that was generated by the limited supply. In the end, Snap reported sales of approximately 150,000 spectacles, which was a significant drop from what the company had first planned. At the end of the day, the company reported a loss of $40 million due to expenses “connected to Spectacles inventory.”

Now, Snap is putting even more emphasis on its glasses concept. Therefore, what exactly is new and different?

Design Enhancements

To begin with, the structure might use some improvements in terms of its layout. Spectacles version 2.0 are more pleasant to wear, as well as is more compact and refined. Their current weight is only 45.4 grams, which is a tiny decrease. The matte plastic that used to be on the front of the frame has been changed to a more subdued transparent finish by the company. This makes the glasses look more mature.

The company claims that the new eyewear is water-resistant “when it relates to shallow seas.” They are even able to take photos and videos while they are underwater! Snap does not provide a true water rating for their products, so it is recommended to avoid submerging them in water for an extended period of time.

Additionally, the colours are a little bit different. You now have the choice of selecting sapphire, ruby, or onyx, and each of them can be purchased with a lens that is either darker or lighter. The first model was available in a coral, teal, and black colour scheme.

Improvements in Video and Audio Clarity, Along With the Ability to Take Photographs for the Very First Time

Dual microphones, which eliminate wind noise and smooth out sounds from discussions, are responsible for the improvement in audio quality that has been realized in video captures. The videos will now be consistently recorded in high definition. In the past, you had to import your videos into the application and then convert them one by one before you could watch them in HD.

One of the drawbacks is the restricted view. The temperature has dropped from 115 degrees to 105 degrees since we left it earlier. But even if your photo has a slightly smaller field of view, the fisheye distortion should be lessened.

Simply pressing the button will start recording a ten-second video clip. Repeat by pressing the button to record for another 30 seconds. To snap a picture, press and hold the button down. This is the first of its kind. On the device that came before this one, taking images was impossible. The resolution of captured films is 1216 by 1216, which is a 25% improvement over what was previously available, and the resolution of captured images is 1642 by 1642.

Reduced Waiting Times During Transfers

According to the manufacturer, spectacles are now capable of transferring data to the mobile application up to 4 times faster. Transferring a video now takes an average of three seconds, down from nine seconds when it first became possible. The specs say that the onboard memory can hold up to 150 films or 3,000 pictures before they are imported.

The life of the battery is satisfactory. You are able to record up to 70 clips on a full charge using this device. The Charging Case, which has been reduced in size by approximately 20%, now allows you to perform up to four separate recharges while on the go.

Prices and Availability of The Product

You’ll be relieved to hear that the absurdity associated with vending machines has been eliminated. The universally adjustable smart glasses may be purchased on for the price of $150, which is an increase of $20 over the price of the first version. Because we work in conjunction with Lensabl, you can acquire prescription lenses for an additional cost of $125. They can also be purchased through

Will the second instalment be successful where the first one was not? Are the new specifications something that piques your interest? Share your thoughts with us as well!

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