Now you can disable the voice of Google Assistant on your Android

Google Assistant is the favorite virtual assistant on Android and it has managed to reach almost all the versions at a good pace with useful functions that make us be more productive, such as the possibility of reminding you where you have parked the car . In addition, different companies integrate the assistant into their electronic devices to achieve a better human-machine connection and to interconnect all the devices.

Now, the Google Assistant begins to receive a new update for those users who do not want to hear the voice of “Google” , since they will be able to silence the responses . Of course, this function will not affect the message itself, since it will continue to be displayed in the form of text on the device screen. We say device because this new function is compatible with both smartphones and other smart devices that have a screen such as the Google Nest Hub , which we have already analyzed.

Disabling this option will not affect interactivity with Google Assistant at any time , as you will always get a response. So, if you want to deactivate Google’s voice, you just have to invoke the assistant with “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” on your phone and, in the box that appears, touch the compass icon at the bottom right. Then, tap on your profile picture> Settings> Assistant> Phone> Voice and talk, and in “Voice output” select “Hands-free only”. In this way, the wizard will not emit any kind of sound .

To finish, at the moment it is a function that depends on a new menu implemented by Google and that could take time to reach all Android users. The Google Support is the one who has shared the information, however, in the steps they mention there is an error, since they do not indicate that we have to access the “Telephone” option.

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