Now you can sign up for the GRID Autosport beta for Android, one of the best mobile racing games

We had been waiting for it for some time, and it is finally close to becoming a reality: GRID Autosport, one of the best racing games ever created for mobile platforms, will land on Android in the coming months, and its developers already offer us the possibility of signing up for a beta program, through which some lucky people will have the chance to test the game before the rest.

As indicated by Feral Interactive, creators of this successful racing title that until now was only available on iOS , those selected will have the possibility to test the multiplayer racing mode of GRID Autosport for Android, with the aim of offering feedback on the game before of its launch through Google Play.

Try GRID Autosport before you arrive at Google Play

As we can see on the game’s private beta page, to be part of this initiative you must have an Android device with a version equal to or greater than Android 8.0 Oreo , and its processor must be of the Exynos 8890 class. or Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, although it is expected that some terminals with lower specifications are also compatible with the game.

In order to sign up, simply fill out and send the form that the developer company makes available to us , and which we link to at the end of this article. Since requests will be approved or rejected by hand, we may have to wait up to 24 hours for a response.

GRID Autosport landed on iOS in 2017 , and since its inception it became one of the best-rated games by users despite having a price of 10.99 euros on the App Store , for combining an exquisite graphic section with intuitive controls and others details never seen in other racing games. Now, finally, it seems that the day of its launch on Android is getting closer and closer, and we only hope that the adaptation to the Google operating system maintains everything that has led the game to be one of the leaders in its category. on the Apple platform.

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