Official announcements have been made on the Mi Watch and the Mi Watch Premium Edition

With the help of its incredibly successful Mi Band product line, Xiaomi has been able to establish a strong presence in the market for activity trackers. However, the business has just entered the smartwatch market with a Wear OS gadget that the company’s developers are referring to as “a small smartphone on the wrist.”

A few weeks ago, initial rumours regarding the possibility of a smartwatch bearing the Xiaomi logo began to surface. Developers with keen eyes uncovered some code in the companion app for Wear OS running on Android that was being used on a device named “Mi Watch.” During today’s occasion in Beijing, China, all of this was made official for the first time.

On paper, the Xiaomi Mi Watch appears to be a gadget designed for very high-end consumers. MIUI for the watch, which is basically a modified version of Wear OS, is the operating system that this watch uses. In addition, the watch is compatible with eSIM cards, 4G LTE, Near Field Communication (NFC) for making payments on the fly, GPS, and a voice assistant. Everything runs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 3100, which has four Cortex A7 cores running at 1.2GHz, 1 GB RAM, and 8 GB storage space respectively. According to Xiaomi, this is the first wearable device to have a Snapdragon 3100 4G processor.

The watch comes pre-installed with a wide variety of different applications right out of the box. Built-in storage for audio as well as an FM radio are included, and the device’s ability to manage other smart home gadgets is also included. Even though it is unlikely that many consumers will desire to do so, it is possible to watch videos on the device. Because it has an eSim and LTE, the device can be used in place of a smartphone to send and receive text messages and phone calls. These capabilities are made possible by the existence of the eSim.

In addition, there are smarts for fitness tracking, which include a heart rate monitor, sleep monitoring, ten Firstbeat measures, and more. It appears that swimming is not dangerous when using the device.

The engineers working on the Xiaomi mobile operating system have devised a revolutionary text entry technique that should make it simpler to type on the relatively small screen. During today’s event, a unique application was demonstrated that gives users the ability to track the real-time performance of securities on exchanges in the United States and Hong Kong. There are other uses for travellers, such as the ability to use the watch as a boarding pass at the airport in addition to many other uses.

In addition to that, Xiaomi has its own app store. More than forty applications, including QQ, WeChat, and many others, will be available to download on Mi Watch when it first launches. Since all of this is open to app development by third parties, we ought to have more apps very soon.

It is fair to say that the entire design gives off a very Apple-like impression, although one that is thicker. The square-shaped Mi Watch features a 1.78-inch touchscreen curved display that is protected by sapphire glass on the front face of the watch (AMOLED with 326 PPI). Ceramic makes up the back of the 44mm casing, while an aluminium alloy body with a smooth finish makes up the rest of the casing. A rotatable crown, a button with many functions, a microphone, and a speaker are located on each of the device’s sides.

The straps are crafted from a fluoro rubber of the highest possible quality. They are resistant to allergic reactions, sweat, and water, and have a quick-release button that makes them simple to replace. Xiaomi has demonstrated a variety of colour options for their upcoming smartphone.

When compared to the other features, the battery life is satisfactory. This is made possible by a massive Lithium-Ion battery that has a capacity of 570 mAh and can keep the device operational for up to 36 hours on a single charge. This is the case even when the 4G setting is selected.

When it is finally made available on November 11th, the Xiaomi Mi Watch will have a price tag of $185 (or CNY 1299). In addition to that, there will be a premium version that costs $285. (CNY 1999). This one is equipped with a sapphire crystal, a body that is polished stainless steel, and a strap that is also stainless steel. In the month of December, sales of the Mi Watch Premium Edition will begin. All of this is still only available in China for the time being.

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